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Property Crime Broke window

Property crimes like burglary, theft, vandalism, and theft cost businesses and home owners billions of dollars each year in lost revenue and damage to assets. Protecting your business, employees, home and family from criminals is top priority, which is why you should consider installing security cameras. These devices not only provide evidence of criminal activity, but also allow you to monitor your property remotely.

Local Crime Rates: provides local crime rates and statistics by state and city. The data includes: Violent Crimes, Murders, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Property Crime, Burglary, Larceny-Theft and Vehicle Theft.


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Crime has been around since the beginning of time. People have always wanted to protect their property and themselves. As technology advanced, crime became easier to commit. Today, there are many types of crimes committed against property owners. Some of them are listed below.

Broken Glass Door - Burglary


Burglaries occur when someone breaks into a building or home without permission. Most burglars break in through a window or door, but sometimes they will smash a hole in a wall to gain access. Burglars are looking for anything that is valuable. They might steal jewelry, electronics, cash, or even prescription drugs. In addition, burglars might set fires or spray paint graffiti to cover up their tracks. Because of all the different ways that burglars can get into a home, it is important to keep your home secure. You can do this by installing security cameras that can detect motion and provide live alerts right to you smart phone. You are instantly alerted to suspicious behavior so that you can call the police immediately. With your visual verification there is someone on-site they police move the call to the top of priorities.


Theft is one of the most common crimes committed against property owners today. It is estimated that over $1 trillion worth of goods are stolen every year. Theft can happen anywhere at any time. For example, thieves might take advantage of an unlocked car parked outside of a home or they could enter a store while shoppers are distracted. Thieves will use whatever means necessary to get what they want. They might cut locks off doors, remove windows, or even break down walls. In some cases, they might even destroy property to make it look like an accident occurred. When you think about it, it makes sense that thieves would target homes with valuable items because they know that no one will notice if something goes missing.


Vandalism is another form of property crime. It involves damaging or destroying other people’s property. Examples include graffiti, defacing public buildings, and throwing rocks at cars. Vandals usually do these things because they feel like they have nothing better to do than cause trouble. Sometimes, vandals are trying to send a message to others. Other times, they just enjoy causing chaos. Regardless of the reason, vandalism costs homeowners money and keeps property managers constantly repairing their buildings. Fortunately, security cameras can help catch vandals before they cause too much damage. More about the statistics and costs of vandalism.

Intruder Home Invasion

Home Invasion

A home invasion occurs when a person or group of people break into someone’s house without permission. This type of crime can be very dangerous for both the victim and the offender. Home invasions often involve weapons such as knives, guns, and even explosives. The most common way that a home invasion happens is by breaking through a window or door. Once inside, the intruder may try to steal valuables or harm the occupants. If you suspect that this type of crime is happening in your neighborhood, it is important to install security cameras that can identify vehicles, license plates, and individuals. The FBI maintains the most accurate data about Home Invasion statistics.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is when someone throws trash out of their vehicle onto the street or sidewalk. This can create a huge mess and pose a safety hazard for pedestrians. People who dump trash illegally also put themselves at risk of being fined or arrested. However, many cities have laws that prohibit illegal dumping. These laws require people to properly dispose of their trash. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules. As a result, illegal dumping has become a major problem across America. Luckily, security cameras can help prevent illegal dumping from occurring. By monitoring your area 24/7, you can see exactly where the trash is coming from and then contact law enforcement to report the incident.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct occurs when someone commits a minor offense such as yelling or cursing in public. The person may be charged with disorderly conduct if he or she does not follow the law. If you witness someone committing disorderly conduct, you should try to intervene. He or she may even escalate the situation by becoming violent. If you witness someone acting aggressively toward another person, you should call 911. Police officers will respond quickly and arrest anyone involved in disorderly conduct. Your smartly placed security cameras catch it all for the police including audio of the incident.

Public Nuisance

A public nuisance is any activity that affects the quality of life for nearby residents. For example, loud music, excessive noise, littering, and drug use are examples of public nuisances. Some activities are legal while others are not. For instance, some businesses are allowed to operate late at night while others cannot. Similarly, some activities are considered public nuisances while others are not. When an activity is deemed a public nuisance, local authorities must take action. They can issue fines, close down businesses, or even shut down entire neighborhoods. To protect yourself against public nuisances, install security cameras that can monitor your neighborhood 24 hours a day. You can view what is happening in real time and alert the police immediately.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include murder, rape, assault, robbery, and arson. All of these types of crimes involve violence. Fortunately, most violent crimes are prevented before they happen. Security cameras can play a key role in preventing violent crime. First, they allow you to watch over your property at all times. Second, they can record evidence that could lead to arrests. Third, they can deter criminals from breaking into your home because they know that they will be caught on camera. Finally, they can help identify suspects after a crime has been committed.

Installing security cameras allows you to protect yourself, your home, your family, your business, your employees, and assets against all these types of crime.

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