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  1. (Wifi-Bullet) Wifi IP Outdoor Camera, Wide Angle Lens
    • - Indoor/Outdoor Metal Housing
    • - 4 Megapixel HD Resolution
    • - Wide Angle 110° View
    • - 90ft COLOR Night Vision
    Special Price $239.00 Regular Price $267.00
  2. (ProKit4-Wifi) Wireless 4 Camera Residential Outdoor System
    • - 4MP HD Wifi Bullet Cameras
    • - 2.8mm Fixed View Lens
    • - Indoor/Outdoor Wall or Ceiling
    • - 90ft COLOR Night Vision


  3. (ProKit8-Wifi) Wireless 8 Camera Residential Security System
    • - 4MP HD Wifi Bullet Cameras
    • - 2.8mm Fixed View Lens
    • - Indoor/Outdoor Wall or Ceiling
    • - 90ft COLOR Night Vision


  4. (Sentry-Wifi) Long Range Wireless Outdoor IP Wifi Security Control
    • Transmit 1-8 4K IP security cameras. Outdoor secure wireless up to 3000 feet.
    Special Price $1,799.00 Regular Price $2,487.00
  5. (Sentry-Cell) Cellular Wireless Outdoor 8 Camera Control
    • Remote 4K Video Surveillance System. View live & 4K recorded video from anywhere.
    Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,999.00
  6. (Cyber-Cell) Cellular Outdoor CCTV Control, Supports 8 Cameras
    • Construction Site Video Surveillance Control. Wireless Remote Access Anywhere. Requires On-site Power
    Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,899.00
  7. (WIFI-ROUTER) Wifi Broad Band Internet Router, Residential Use.
    • Wifi router for IP security camera systems. Provides internet access and remote camera viewing.
  8. (WIFI-ARROW) Wifi CCTV Camera(s) Antenna, Mid-range Distance
    • Wifi Network Antenna, Transmits up to 2000 feet. (2) antennas required for a complete link.
    Special Price $249.00 Regular Price $299.00
  9. (WIFI-ANTENNA) Wifi CCTV Antenna, Long Range Wireless Signal
    • 6" Wifi Network Antenna, Transmits up to 3000 feet. (2) antennas required for a complete link.
    Special Price $384.00 Regular Price $499.00
  10. (WIFI-3000) 2 Antenna Outdoor CCTV Wifi Wireless Transmission
    • 6" Wifi Network Antenna Kit, Transmits up to 3000 feet. Includes (2) antennas & Pole Mounts.
    Special Price $768.00 Regular Price $989.00
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10 Items

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Unleash Uncompromised Security with the Best Wireless Security Camera Systems


Are you ready to take charge of the safety of your home or company with a wireless security camera systems that excels in both functionality and convenience? If you're looking for a foolproof way to keep a watch on your home, your family, or your business, you are at the correct place.


Why Choose a Wireless Security Camera System?


  • Comfort without Cords

Installing our wireless camera system is a pleasure because there are no wires or connections to deal with. Put your cameras wherever you need them to be without worrying about running cables or setting up complicated routing systems. The absence of cables guarantees a hassle-free, cordless setup.


  • Access From Distance

Accessing your surveillance feed from afar is an essential feature of any good wireless security camera system. You can keep tabs on your property from afar using your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer, whether you're at home, at the office, or on vacation. Maintain constant contact and instantaneous alerts around the clock.


  • Extremely Detail Oriented 

Our wireless camera produces high-definition footage of excellent clarity. Whether it's a person's face, a vehicle's license plate, or questionable behavior, you'll always be aware of it. In the event of any severe incident, you may rely on the footage captured by our wireless safety systems.


  • Capable of Adjustment

We design our wireless cam systems to evolve with your changing surveillance requirements. If your system is modular, you can add more closed-circuit cameras as your requirements change. This flexibility of wireless systems guarantees that your protection grows as your day-to-day security needs do.


Differentiating Features of Our Wireless Security Camera System


  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our dedication to becoming industry leaders means that our wireless camera systems always have the most cutting-edge features available. Our wireless cameras are a one-stop shop for all your home security requirements, thanks to advanced capabilities like night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, and integration with smart home platforms.


  • Designing for Ease of Use

Our user-friendly layout reflects our belief that security should be made available to anyone. Our interactive mobile app makes it easy to manage and see your surveillance feed after a quick and painless installation. Our wireless CCTV system is easy to use, even for those who aren't tech whizzes.


  • Multiple Camera Choices

Because we know that one size does not suit all, we provide several different kinds of wireless cameras. We have the cameras you need for indoors or outdoors, as well as the hidden cameras you need to keep things under wraps. With our extensive options, you're sure to find the best wireless camera system to fulfill your needs.


  • Pinnacle of Cordless Cameras

Our wireless CCTV system is a major advancement over conventional CCTV systems, which have been the industry standard for many years. Get the best of both worlds: the security and peace of mind of CCTV with the convenience and mobility of wireless technology. High-quality video can be captured, recorded, and accessed wirelessly through it. 


Why Go with a Wireless CCTV System?


  • Constant Watch

The 24/7 recording capability of our CCTV systems guarantees that no important incident will be missed. Access recorded video clips whenever you need them with modern features like motion-triggered recording and cloud storage options.


  • Distributed storage

Need additional space to store video? Our wireless CCTVs provide flexible storage options that can be scaled up as your requirements change. You can stop worrying about storage space for your videos being exhausted forever.


  • Safety Improvements

The security provided by CCTV systems in general, and by our unique wireless CCTV system specifically, is second to none. Gain peace of mind knowing that your surveillance data is safe thanks to encrypted video feeds and safe data storage.


  • Integrate Effortlessly

The security system you already have in place will work perfectly with our wireless system. We have the best home camera system, which is adaptable and compatible so that you may use it with your existing access control, alarm, or other security infrastructure.


Choose Wisely Regarding Your Safety


Everyone in this fast-paced environment seeks for their security. Use our top-tier wireless security camera system to keep an eye on your property 24/7/365. Take comfort in the fact that your safety is being handled by professionals while taking advantage of user-friendly technology and excellent performance.


Visit Backstreet Surveillance to learn more about our state-of-the-art wireless camera systems, CCTV camera recorders, and other home security options. Together, we can keep your most precious belongings safe. The greatest wireless camera system can provide you with peace of mind, so invest in your safety today.

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