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Crime Statistics for New Mexico

Safest Cities in New Mexico

Overall Crime Rating:

C (71.15% higher than national average)

High Risk Crimes:

  • Aggravated Assault (160% higher than the national average)
  • Burglary (104% higher than the national average)
  • Vehicle Theft (94% higher than the national average)
  • Property Crime (75% higher than the national average)

  • Investing in a security camera system effectively protects your home and family from criminals. Research consistently shows that these devices deter crime, with a reduction of 65% or more. Additionally, having surveillance cameras provides valuable evidence of criminal activity occurring. Surveillance camera systems are a proven cost-effective method to prevent, record, and decrease the overall rate of crime and will provide both you and your family with a much-needed peace of mind.

    View individual city crime ratings below:

    Albuquerque Crime Rating:

    A (77.24% lower than national average)

    Albuquerque, also referred to as ABQ, Burque, and the Duke City, holds the distinction of being the most populous city in the state of New Mexico. Its origins can be traced back to 1706 when it was established as La Villa de Alburquerque by Francisco Cuervo y Valdés, the governor of Santa Fe de Nuevo México. The city was named in honor of Francisco Fernández de la Cueva, the 10th Duke of Alburquerque and Viceroy of New Spain. Serving as a crucial outpost along El Camino Real, which connected Mexico City to the northern territories of New Spain, Albuquerque commemorated its 300th anniversary in 2006. Situated in the Albuquerque Basin, the city is bordered by the Sandia Mountains to the east and the West Mesa to the west. The Rio Grande and bosque flow through the heart of the city from north to south. As per the 2020 census, Albuquerque boasted a population of 564,559 residents, ranking it as the 32nd most populous city in the United States and the fourth largest in the Southwest. The broader Albuquerque metropolitan area, encompassing Santa Fe and Las Vegas, had a population of 955,000 residents in 2023. This area is part of the larger Albuquerque–Santa Fe–Las Vegas combined statistical area, which had a population of 1,162,523. Albuquerque serves as a thriving center for technology, fine arts, and media companies. It is renowned for its numerous historic landmarks and is home to the University of New Mexico. The city also hosts notable events such as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the Gathering of Nations, and the New Mexico State Fair. Moreover, Albuquerque boasts a diverse culinary scene, offering a wide range of both New Mexican and global cuisine options.

    Las Cruces Crime Rating:

    C (62.28% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Murder

    Las Cruces, known as "the crosses" in Spanish, is the second-most populous city in the state of New Mexico and serves as the seat of Doña Ana County. According to the 2020 census, its population was recorded at 111,385. Notably, Las Cruces holds the distinction of being the most populous city in both Doña Ana County and southern New Mexico. The Las Cruces metropolitan area, encompassing all of Doña Ana County, had an estimated population of 213,849 in 2017. Furthermore, it is part of the larger El Paso–Las Cruces combined statistical area, which boasts a population of 1,088,420, making it the 56th largest combined statistical area in the United States. Situated in the Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces serves as the economic and geographic center of this agricultural region. The valley spans from Hatch to the west side of El Paso, Texas and is located on the floodplain of the Rio Grande. Notably, Las Cruces is home to New Mexico State University (NMSU), the state's sole land-grant university. The federal government, with its presence at the nearby White Sands Test Facility and White Sands Missile Range, serves as a major employer in the city. When it comes to the city's landscape, the Organ Mountains, Doña Ana Mountains, Robledo Mountains, and Picacho Peak dominate the scenery. Las Cruces is positioned 225 miles south of Albuquerque, 42 miles northwest of El Paso, Texas, and 41 miles north of the Mexican border at Sunland Park. Las Cruces also plays a significant role in the realm of space exploration. Spaceport America, which has its corporate offices in the city, conducts operations approximately 55 miles to the north. Notably, it has successfully completed several crewed, sub-orbital flights. Additionally, Las Cruces serves as the headquarters for Virgin Galactic, the pioneering company that offers sub-orbital spaceflights.

    Rio Rancho Crime Rating:

    B+ (36.85% lower than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Burglary

    Rio Rancho, also known as Río Rancho in Spanish, holds the distinction of being the largest and most populous city in Sandoval County, which is a part of the expansive Albuquerque metropolitan area in the state of New Mexico, USA. While the majority of the city falls within Sandoval County, a small portion extends into the northern region of Bernalillo County. With its remarkable growth rate, Rio Rancho has become the third-largest city in New Mexico. According to the 2020 census, the city's population stood at 104,046. The name "Rio Rancho" finds its origins in the Spanish colonial ranches known as Los Ranchos, which were established along the Rio Grande in the Albuquerque Basin and throughout the historic region of Nuevo México. Notably, neighboring Corrales also boasted significant ranching activity. Over the years, Rio Rancho has evolved into a thriving suburb of Albuquerque, particularly since the latter half of the 20th century.

    Roswell Crime Rating:

    D (169.27% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Murder

    Roswell, a city in Chaves County, New Mexico, serves as the county seat and is recognized for its notable features and attractions. According to the 2020 census, Roswell has a population of 48,422, positioning it as the fifth-most populous city in New Mexico. The city is renowned for being the home of the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), which was established in 1891. Additionally, Roswell houses a campus of Eastern New Mexico University. Nature enthusiasts can explore the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, situated a short distance northeast of the city along the Pecos River. Another natural attraction, Bottomless Lakes State Park, can be found 12 miles (19 km) east of Roswell on US 380. Notably, Chaves County encompasses the entirety of the Roswell micropolitan area. The infamous Roswell incident, which involved an alleged UFO crash, derived its name from the town. However, the crash site was actually located approximately 75 miles (121 km) from Roswell, closer to Corona. The investigation and recovery of debris were conducted by the local Roswell Army Air Field. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident, an annual UFO Festival was established. During the 1930s, Roswell played a significant role in Robert H. Goddard's early rocketry experiments. The Roswell Museum and Art Center showcases a fascinating exhibit that includes a recreation of Goddard's rocket engine development workshop. Furthermore, Goddard High School bears his name, honoring his contributions. Roswell's tourism industry thrives on its association with aerospace engineering, ufology museums, and related businesses. The city embraces alien-themed and spacecraft-themed iconography, attracting visitors from far and wide. Additionally, Roswell benefits from tourism related to New Mexico's rich cultural heritage and Americana. Downtown, near the International UFO Museum and Research Center, one can find restaurants serving authentic New Mexican cuisine, such as Martin's Capitol Café. Local American folk and New Mexico music performances are often held near Pioneer Plaza and various parks throughout the city. Roswell also serves as a hub for irrigated farming, dairying, ranching, and hosts several manufacturing, distribution, and petroleum facilities. The city has a notable history in minor league baseball, contributing to its regional pride and recognition, as evidenced by its multiple All-America City Awards in 1978–79 and 2002.

    South Valley Crime Rating:

    A- (58.39% lower than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Aggravated Assault

    South Valley, located in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, is a census-designated place (CDP) and unincorporated community. As of the 2020 Census, the population of South Valley was recorded at 38,338 individuals. This vibrant community is an integral part of the larger Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is worth noting that the U.S. Postal Service designates "Albuquerque" as the mailing address for all South Valley residents, with the corresponding ZIP code being 87105.

    Clovis Crime Rating:

    C (85.78% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Vehicle Theft

    Clovis, a city situated in Curry County, New Mexico, serves as both the city and county seat.[4] According to the 2010 census, the population of Clovis was recorded at 37,775, and it increased to 38,567 as per the 2020 census.[5] Positioned in the eastern region of the state, Clovis is located within the New Mexico portion of the Llano Estacado. Renowned for its agricultural practices, Clovis is a community closely bordering Texas. Additionally, it holds significance in the history of early rock music and is in close proximity to Cannon Air Force Base. The discovery of various "Clovis culture" sites in the eastern part of North America during the 1930s led to the recognition of the Clovis people as the earliest human inhabitants who established a widespread culture in the New World. These Clovis people are considered to be the ancestors of numerous indigenous cultures across the Americas. Over a century ago, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway system played a crucial role in the establishment of Clovis, which continues to serve as a major operational hub for the railroad and its successor, BNSF Railway. Another notable aspect of Clovis is the Southwest Cheese Company, the largest producer of cheddar cheese in North America. Clovis serves as the principal city within the Clovis Micropolitan statistical area, which is part of the larger Clovis-Portales CSA.

    Hobbs Crime Rating:

    C- (133.03% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Murder

    The city of Hobbs, located in Lea County, New Mexico, is a significant urban center in the region. According to the 2020 census, its population stood at 40,508, marking a notable increase from the 2010 figure of 34,122. Hobbs serves as the primary city within the Hobbs, New Mexico micropolitan statistical area, encompassing the entirety of Lea County.

    Alamogordo Crime Rating:

    B+ (48.18% lower than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Larceny Theft

    Alamogordo, located in the Tularosa Basin of the Chihuahuan Desert, serves as the administrative center of Otero County, New Mexico, in the United States. Situated between the Sacramento Mountains to the east and Holloman Air Force Base to the west, this city has a population of 31,384 as recorded in the 2020 census. Notably, Alamogordo gained recognition due to its association with the historic 1945 Trinity test, marking the inaugural detonation of an atomic bomb. The region surrounding Alamogordo has been inhabited by humans for over 11,000 years. However, the present settlement was established in 1898 with the purpose of facilitating the construction of the El Paso and Northeastern Railroad. This early development exemplifies a planned community. Subsequently, in 1912, Alamogordo was officially incorporated as a city. The introduction of White Sands National Monument in 1933 significantly contributed to the growth of tourism, which remains a prominent economic factor for the city. The monument continues to be one of the primary attractions in Alamogordo. Moreover, during the 1950s and 1960s, the city played an unofficial role in pilot safety research and the advancement of the United States' space program. Alamogordo operates as a charter city, employing a council-manager system of governance. The city government prioritizes the provision of numerous recreational and leisure facilities for its residents. These amenities include a spacious central park, several smaller parks scattered throughout the city, a golf course, Alameda Park Zoo, a network of walking paths, Alamogordo Public Library, and a dedicated senior citizens' center. Additionally, the Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, a nonprofit institution, serves as a shared military and civilian healthcare facility, catering to the needs of both the local community and Holloman Air Force Base.

    Gallup Crime Rating:

    D+ (147.7% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Aggravated Assault

    Gallup, also known as Naʼnízhoozhí in Navajo and Kalabwaki in Zuni, is a municipality situated in McKinley County, New Mexico, within the United States. As of the 2020 census, its population stands at 21,899 individuals. Notably, a significant portion of its residents are Native Americans, hailing from the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes. Serving as the county seat of McKinley County, Gallup holds the distinction of being the most populous city between Flagstaff and Albuquerque, along the historic U.S. Route 66. Established in 1881, Gallup was originally established as a railhead for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. The city derived its name from David Gallup, who served as a paymaster for the railroad. It is located on the Trails of the Ancients Byway, which is recognized as one of the designated New Mexico Scenic Byways. Due to its proximity to rugged terrain, Gallup gained popularity as a favored filming location for Hollywood Westerns during the 1940s and 1950s.

    Sunland Park Crime Rating:

    B+ (48.45% lower than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Aggravated Assault

    Sunland Park, situated in the southern region of Doña Ana County, New Mexico, is a city that borders both Texas and the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It shares its southern border with Ciudad Juárez and its eastern border with El Paso, Texas. The community of Santa Teresa is located to its northwest. According to the 2010 census, the population of Sunland Park was 14,106, and the United States Census Bureau estimated it to be 17,978 in 2019. Despite its proximity to El Paso, Sunland Park is considered part of the Las Cruces metropolitan statistical area due to its location within Doña Ana County. The city is positioned at the base of Mount Cristo Rey, adjacent to the Rio Grande. Its name is derived from the Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino, which is situated within its boundaries. Previously, the area was known as "Anapra," a name also used for a neighboring area in Ciudad Juárez.

    Los Lunas Crime Rating:

    B- (23.55% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Aggravated Assault

    Los Lunas, located in Valencia County, New Mexico, is a village in the United States. According to the 2010 census, the population within the village limits is 14,835, primarily due to the recent housing developments at El Cerro de Los Lunas (Huning Ranch). Serving as the county seat of Valencia County, Los Lunas is also a part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area.


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