Security Camera Cleaning & Maintenance

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The Enemies of Security Cameras
Backstreet security cameras are designed for long life. In fact we offer the industry’s longest warranty, 5 years! But if you do not perform bi-annual maintenance on exterior cameras, the video quality will consistently degrade more and more each year. This shortens the life of the system and the benefit of the investment.

Hard Water Spots, Dust & Grime
Over time water spots form on the cameras lens and night vision system. This causes the video to appear cloudy at night and out of focus during the day. Because the water spots cannot be clearly seen on the video many customers assume there is a technical problem with the camera. Simply by cleaning the camera, video clarity can increase 40% or more.

Bi-annually clean the camera and protect the lens with a long lasting hard water and grime repellant. This stops the water spots from forming and repels grime away from the lens.

Bugs, Spiders & Spider Webs
Nobody wants bugs and spiders making a home in their security camera, but that’s not the biggest problem. The cameras are equipped with an Infrared Night Vision System which casts out IR light the camera can see but the human cannot. The problem is the IR light attracts moths and bugs which in turn attract spiders. The problem occurs when the spiders web crosses into the cameras field of view. The IR light reflects off the spider web back into the lens. This causes a fuzzy night vision image and greatly reduces the night vision distance.

Bi-annually spray the camera with a long lasting bug and spider repellant.

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