Cloud Video Systems for Business Explained

To understand the benefits of a cloud system it is helpful to compare it to a normal NVR system. Each design offers benefits the other does not, we explain below.

What is an NVR System?

A NVR System uses an on-site NVR (Network Video Recorder) for user interface, video/audio recording and remote viewing. Because all the recording equipment is on-site, NVR systems provide the best clarity and performance compared to all other system types. The only cost after installation is the monthly fee for an internet connection which provides remote access for live viewing, event alerts and video playback.

How NVRs compare to Cloud systems

What is a Cloud System?

Cloud Systems do not have a on-site server (NVR). Instead, the cameras are connected directly to a broadband internet connection and the live video is streamed to the cloud where it is stored. Users’ login to the cloud service using a browser on a computer or smart device. While this eliminates the costs of the NVR there is a monthly fee per camera for cloud storage and access.

How Cloud Security Camera Systems Work

Video Quality

Cloud camera systems have video quality limitations. Because multiple cameras are continuously streaming the video to the cloud, the available upload bandwidth and storage costs normally require the video quality to be set at 2K or 3K (2mp - 5mp) and a frame rate of 15-20 frames per second per camera. In contrast, NVR systems can record up to 4K (8 megapixel) video quality at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. This is possible because the processing of the video and storage of the video are performed on-site by the NVR.

Cloud Camera System Quality

If a camera can support 4K video, for an additional fee, advanced cloud services allow for 4K recording if the on-site bandwidth is adequate to support the workload and the frames per second are reduced. Often, due to limited upload bandwidth and costs the customer prefers the 2K option.

If two standard PC monitors are set side by side and one monitor displays 1080p video while the other displays 4K video, the user cannot detect which monitor is displaying the 4K video. Because both cameras exceed the maximum resolution of the monitor, the images look to be the same quality.

While both NVR and cloud systems have the same digital zoom features (which allows a user to enlarge sections of the video for more detail). An NVR system, recording 8 megapixels, will allow the user to digital zoom 4 times as far into the video without pixilation compared to a 2K (1080p) cloud system.

There is a smart way to keep your costs at the affordable 1080p (2mp) level while accessing 4K (8mp) video when extreme detail is needed. This is achieved by installing a micro SD memory card in a 4K camera. While the camera is streaming 1080p video quality to the cloud, it is simultaneously recording 4K video the SD memory card. The memory card serves as a high-quality backup if more detail is needed or if the internet service fails. The number of days stored in the memory card is a direct function of how much activity is present in the camera’s field of view. On average the card will store 5-10 days of event driven recordings. The 4K video is accessed on demand using a PC or our mobile apps.


By adding the memory card to the camera, the customer enjoys the benefits of both cloud and on-site storage. The cost of the NVR is eliminated along with the possibility of theft or tampering. Redundancy of video recordings is assured, and when the cloud 1080p video does not provide the level of clarity needed, the user can access the same video events in 4K clarity stored in the camera.

Artificial Intelligence & Detection Features

Both Cloud and NVR systems offer the latest deep learning AI features. They can 99.8% accurately detect the human form, collect facial identification and capture and compare license plates. Both systems can detect custom events and launch alerts to mobile devices for response. A good example is a national pizza chain that is using Cloud AI to automatically alert on-site managers when their pizza dough trays become half full. Or a national amusement park chain that uses an NVR system with facial ID to detect and stop banned visitors at the entry points of the park. All achieved automatically with facial ID cameras and a database of banned for life visitor photos. The applications are endless, the AI can detect and report how many customers visited a location. It can alert you when people are congregating in a specific location, or if more cashiers are needed. It can detect if a car is parked in a no parking space, if an unauthorized person enters a restricted area, and show heat maps of visitor traffic flow. AI can also manage quality control processes and reduce inventory shrinkage.


Both NVR and Cloud systems use the same camera equipment and cabling. The only difference between the two systems is the recording and viewing method. With a cloud system the NVR and its cost is replaced by a cloud service which requires a monthly service fee per camera.

Service Fees

Cloud monthly service fees are based on each camera, the resolution recorded and the number of days video is stored.

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