Who makes Backstreet Surveillance Cameras?

Backstreet sells over 30,000 cameras per year. This buying power allows us to engineer our products, specify the components used, select which factory produces the items and manage quality control from start to finish.

Many consumers are unaware that no company manufactures 100% in the USA. We do contract to over seas factories for production of certain components and assembly, but the key video components are manufactured here in the USA. Over 75% of your investment stays in the USA when you buy a Backstreet product. When you buy China owned brands such as Dahua, Hikvision and Lorex, 100% of your investment leaves the country for good.

Because we engineer, write the specification and manage all levels of production quality, we know that our equipment is superior. We back this statement with the industry's longest warranty: 5 years with the option to extend to 10 years.

When you purchase a Backstreet product, you are buying a Backstreet product, not a cheap knock off. Thank you for taking the time to become informed:)

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