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  1. HDMI Two-Way Splitter

    Item: HDMI-2-WAY
    • HDMI Two Way Signal Splitter Supports 2 Monitors or TVs
  2. HDMI Four-Way Splitter

    Item: HDMI-4-WAY
    • HDMI Four Way Signal Splitter Supports 4 Monitors or TVs
  3. WiFi Router

    • WIFI-ROUTER Secure wifi router for IP wireless security cameras.
  4. DataHub GS305

    Item: DataHub-GS305
    • The DataHub creates a private high speed network allowing your IP devices to communicate with each other.
  5. Video Transmitter Kit

    Item: PWR-Trans-Kit
    • Transmit video over existing 110v power lines. Transmit up to 16 camera video signals across 110v power wiring
  6. PoE Signal Extender

    Item: POE-EXT
    • Regenerates the video and power signal for IP cameras, allowing the total cable distance to be doubled or tripled.
  7. Waterproof PoE Extender

    Item: POE-EX2001
    • 1 Channel Waterproof-Outdoor PoE signal extender. Regenerates the video and power signal for IP cameras.
  8. Waterproof PoE Splitter

    Item: POE-EX2003
    • 2 Channel Waterproof-Outdoor PoE signal splitter. The unit allows two IP cameras to be transmitted back to the NVR on one cat6 cable.
  9. Siren-Strobe Kit

    Item: Alarm-Kit
    • Outdoor Siren/Strobe, NVR Controlled, Motion Activation, Custom Programming
  10. Wifi Antenna

    • 6" Wifi Network Antenna, Transmits up to 3000 feet. (2) antennas required for a complete link. 1 to transmit, 1 to receive.
  11. Wifi Transmitter Kit

    Item: WIFI-3000-Kit
    • Transmits groups of cameras wifi-wireless up to 3000 feet.
  12. Sentry-Wifi

    Long Range Wireless
    • Transmit 1-8 4K security cameras. Outdoor secure wireless up to 3000 feet. All Backstreet IP cameras supported.
  13. Sentry-Pole-Mount

    Sentry Pole Mount Bracket
    • Mount a Sentry Control to a pole. For use with Sentry-Wifi, Sentry-Cell, Sentry-Live
  14. Regulated Enclosure

    Item: Altelix NF141208V
    • Outdoor Temperature Controlled Electronics Enclosure
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