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  1. Warning Sticker

    • Outdoor warning decals. Let them know you're watching! The best deterrent to theft and crime.
  2. Outdoor Warning Sign

    • Outdoor weather rated video security warning sign.
  3. Metal Warning Sign

    • Outdoor weather rated METAL Surveillance Warning Sign. 20 Year Guarantee
  4. Mouse Pad

    Item: MOUSE-PAD
    • Free with every system this mouse pad is the perfect surface to keep things sliding smoothly.
  5. Video Clip Backup Drive

    Item: FLASH16G
    • 16 Gig Backup Drive. For transferring video clips to a computer or for the police. Included FREE with a system purchase.
  6. Coax Stripper

    Item: COAX-Stripper
    • It's the easiest way to perfectly prepare a coax cable for a BNC fitting with a simple twist.
  7. BNC Crimping Tool

    • Crimping tool for BNC Crimp-On connectors. Used to connect BNC crimp-on fittings to RG59 coax cable.
  8. RJ45 Crimping Tool

    Item: VDV226-011-SEN
    • Crimping tool for RJ45 fittings. Used to connect RJ45 connectors to all types of network cable.
  9. Tech Tool Kit

    Item: Tech-Kit
    • Network Installation Tool Kit - Every tool you need in one durable carry case. Make fittings, punch down cables and test your cable and fitting.
  10. LSDI GR6

    LSDI GR6 6' Fiberglass Wire Pusher

    LSDI CZLBT Creep-Zit Threaded Lighted Bullnose Tip
  12. LSDI PW36047

    LSDI PW36047 Reference Bits, 10-Pack

    LSDI CZLH Creep-Zit Luminous Whisk Male Threaded Connector Tip
  14. LSDI HZ18

    LSDI HZ18 18" Hook-Zit, 3 Pack
  15. LSDI CZB

    LSDI CZB Creep-Zit 6' Rod with Bull Nose, Threaded Female Connectors

    LSDI CZCONN Threaded Connector Pack, 5 Male Connectors, 5 Female Connectors, 2 Bull Nose
  17. LSDI DTS

    LSDI DTS Creep-Zit Tip 6' x 1/8" Male Threaded Mesh Pull Sock
  18. LSDI CZX

    LSDI CZX Creep-Zit 6' Rod with Threaded Male/Female Connectors
  19. LSDI LS9FT

    LSDI LS9FT Threaded Rod Kit, Push/Pull, Includes (3) 3' Male/Female Connector Rod, (2) Bull-Nose Connector for Standard Construction
  20. LSDI ACP55

    LSDI ACP55 Automatic Center Punch

    LSDI CZXL Creep-Zip Luminous 6' Rod with Threaded Male/Female Connectors
  22. LSDI FF3848F

    LSDI FF3848F Premium Freeform Bit, 3/8" x 48"
  23. LSDI LS-85-100

    LSDI LS-85-100 Wet Noodle Wire Running Rod
  24. LSDI FF1272F

    LSDI REB3/8 Rebore-Zit 3/8" with 1/4" Pilot
  25. LSDI WE-Mini

    LSDI WE-Mini Wall-Eye Mini Pocket Periscope Viewer and Flashlight
  26. LSDI T151

    LSDI T151 MegaPro 15-in-1 Tamper Proof Bit Screwdriver
  27. LSDI LS-56-250

    LSDI LS-56-250 Decoil-Zit Wire Reel Holder, 25"
  28. LSDI REB3/8

    LSDI REB3/8 Rebore-Zit 3/8" with 1/4" Pilot
  29. LSDI PSO

    LSDI PSO Portasol Soldering, Iron Only
  30. LSDI YFT15

    LSDI YFT15 15' Epoxy Fiberglass Fish Tape in Case
  31. LSDI PSK1

    LSDI MRS Multi-Level Reel Stand
  32. LSDI MRS

    LSDI MRS Multi-Level Reel Stand
  33. LSDI RR24

    LSDI RR24 RoyRods Compact 24' Quick Connect Rod Kit

    LSDI FTZS Fish Tailz Mesh Pull Sock Kit
  35. LSDI CZ30

    LSDI CZ30 Creep-Zit 30' Threaded Connector Wire Running Rod Kit
  36. LSDI RR30

    LSDI RR30 RoyRods 30' Quick Connect Rod Kit
  37. LSDI RRP36

    LSDI RRP36 RoyRods Pro 36' Quick Connect Rod Kit
  38. LSDI CZP36

    LSDI CZP36 Creep-Zit Pro 36' Treaded Connector Wire Running Rod Kit
  39. LSDI YFT30

    LSDI YFT30 30' Epoxy Fiberglass Fish Tape in Case
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