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  1. Tech Tool Kit

    Item: Tech-Kit
    • Network Installation Tool Kit - Every tool you need in one durable carry case. Make fittings, punch down cables and test your cable and fitting.
  2. RJ45 Crimping Tool

    Item: VDV226-011-SEN
    • Crimping tool for RJ45 fittings. Used to connect RJ45 connectors to all types of network cable.
  3. Coax Stripper

    Item: COAX-Stripper
    • It's the easiest way to perfectly prepare a coax cable for a BNC fitting with a simple twist.
  4. BNC Crimping Tool

    • Crimping tool for BNC Crimp-On connectors. Used to connect BNC crimp-on fittings to RG59 coax cable.
  5. Warning Sticker

    • Outdoor warning decals. Let them know you're watching! The best deterrent to theft and crime.
  6. Outdoor Warning Sign

    • Outdoor weather rated video security warning sign.
  7. Metal Warning Sign

    • Outdoor weather rated METAL Surveillance Warning Sign. 20 Year Guarantee
  8. Video Clip Backup Drive

    Item: FLASH16G
    • 16 Gig Backup Drive. For transferring video clips to a computer or for the police. Included FREE with a system purchase.
  9. Mouse Pad

    Item: MOUSE-PAD
    • Free with every system this mouse pad is the perfect surface to keep things sliding smoothly.
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