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CCTV Warranty

Our Standard 5 Year Warranty

All purchases from Backstreet are covered under our complete 5-year warranty - the longest in the industry! The others only offer a 1 or 2-year standard warranty. Why can we more than double the warranty period compared to our competitors? It's our quality. We engineer our equipment to last and select only quality components. We use metal housings that meet and even exceed the extreme weather ratings of the national standard IP67. Simply put, our equipment is built to last.

The data is in! Over the last decade, we have monitored warranty costs/replacements and we could not be more proud of our equipment's performance. The results are so positive that we are now offering customers the ability to extend their warranty to 10 years!

CCTV Warranty 10 Years

Extend Your Warranty to 10 Years!

You now have the option of adding additional years of warranty to your purchase. As usual, all purchases are covered with our standard 5-year warranty, but now customers can be extended their warranty all the way to 10 years!


If you have already purchased and you would like to extend the warranty, or are placing a new order and would like to add additional years of coverage, give us a call and we'll be glad to help.

6 Year Warranty +10% of Original Purchase Price
7 Year Warranty +15% of Original Purchase Price
8 Year Warranty +20% of Original Purchase Price
9 Year Warranty +27% of Original Purchase Price
10 Year Warranty +35% of Original Purchase Price

Extended warranties can only be applied to complete orders. Individual items cannot be selected. Extended warranty periods start at the time that the original order was placed rather than when the extended warranty coverage was added. Equipment must be covered under a current 5 year warranty in order to extend the period. widget logo

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