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Our design experts have over 55 years of combined experience in providing security camera installation service. We have designed tens of thousands of systems for retail, office buildings, malls, parking lots, storage facilities, airports, police stations, government facilities, apartment complexes, and countless homes. Designing an effective security solution requires expertise. We have that expertise and can design an effective system for your business or residence.


Book a 30 minute phone appointment. We'll answer your questions, provide a custom design based on your needs, and offer a line-item quote with installation options. We offer this service FREE with no purchase obligations.

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We use our custom "Backstreet Surveillance - System Design Tool" that integrates with Google Maps. This application puts us on-site. It allows us to see the structure, terrain and areas you want to secure. With absolute confidence, we can recommend best camera placement and select the right camera for each location.

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Crime Statistics for New York

Safest Cities in New York

Overall Crime Rating:

B+ (34.22% lower than national average)

High Risk Crimes:

  • Robbery (13% higher than the national average)

  • Investing in a security camera system effectively protects your home and family from criminals. Research consistently shows that these devices deter crime, with a reduction of 65% or more. Additionally, having surveillance cameras provides valuable evidence of criminal activity occurring. Surveillance camera systems are a proven cost-effective method to prevent, record, and decrease the overall rate of crime and will provide both you and your family with a much-needed peace of mind.

    View individual city crime ratings below:

    Cities with Highest Crime Rate:

  • Buffalo
  • Rochester
  • Syracuse
  • Watertown
  • Utica

  • Cities with Lowest Crime Rate:

  • Lewisboro
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Rye
  • Carmel
  • New Castle

  • New York City Crime Rating:

    B (18.22% lower than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Robbery

    Buffalo Crime Rating:

    D+ (141.64% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Robbery

    Rochester Crime Rating:

    C- (116.63% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Murder

    Yonkers Crime Rating:

    B+ (41.74% lower than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Robbery

    Syracuse Crime Rating:

    C- (106.68% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Murder

    Albany Crime Rating:

    C+ (26.02% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Robbery

    New Rochelle Crime Rating:

    A (79.96% lower than national average)

    Mount Vernon Crime Rating:

    B (24.10% lower than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Robbery

    Schenectady Crime Rating:

    C+ (39.80% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Robbery

    Utica Crime Rating:

    C (62.51% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Robbery

    White Plains Crime Rating:

    A+ (93.99% lower than national average)

    Hempstead Village Crime Rating:

    C+ (42.30% higher than national average)

    Highest Risk Crime: Murder

    New York State Laws Governing Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

    New York is known for its iconic city and world-famous monuments. Unfortunately, the Big Apple also has security challenges that New Yorkers must consider. Are you considering installing cameras in New York? Well, then you should take a moment to review the security camera laws in New York.

    Residents in New York State have the right to utilize video surveillance on their property, at work, and in public places. However, they must take into account the privacy of others when doing so. This means ensuring that no unauthorized persons or institutions can access or otherwise view any captured video footage. In addition, it is important to note that certain states recognize different types of security devices as having open installation terms for citizens such as CCTV systems with visible signage when required.

    Therefore, it is always recommended to check all local and state-level regulations prior to utilizing any kind of camera surveillance device within an area or building perimeter. Doing so can help you ensure compliance with the law while staying safe from potential liability issues down the line.

    Lets be clear, when used to monitor for security, safety and other non-spying uses, video surveillance systems are allowed in New York State. In addition, a video surveillance system is permissible if its installation is hidden or visible. Still, it is good practice to display a notice declaring that the system owner is conducting surveillance. It is illegal in New York to use any device to record, obtain, share, or use communications, whether wired, oral, or electronic, without the approval of at least one person involved in the conversation. This means that if you are a contributor or have previous authorization from one of the persons involved, you are legally entitled to record a conversation in New York.


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