Customizing Our Kits
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Customize one of our kits to fit your needs. It's easy!

Customizing a prepackaged kit is a great way to create your perfect system. You can easily change the number of cameras, switch the cameras and add or remove parts in our kits. You can change our kits to fit your exact needs. Once your kit is complete, you can have a detailed quote emailed directly to you!

Step 1

Browse our site and find a kit that is similar to what you are looking for. Click on the description to access the detailed product page.

Select the best kit

Step 2

Click the green "Add to Cart" button.

Each item in the kit is listed

Each item included in the kit will be added to the shopping cart and listed individually.

Step 3 - Change the item count or delete items

Each item listed allows you to increase or decrease the quantity, as well as delete any item from the list.

Add or delete unwanted items

Step 4 - Remember to update the cart!

Click the "Update Shopping Cart" button at the bottom of the items. Your changes will not be saved until this button is clicked. Then click the "Continue Shopping" button to add more items to your shopping cart.

Update Cart

Purchase or Create a Line Item Quote

Once all of the items you need are in the cart, you have the choice of checking out or creating a PDF Quote based off the items in the cart. If you want to save the items as a quote, simply click the "Request a Quote" button and have the quote sent directly to your email. It is a great way to confirm your item and if everything looks correct, you then simply place an order for that quote.

Purchase or Create a Quote

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