Dome Camera: What Are Its Types And Advantages?

The spherical, dome-shaped housing of a dome camera makes them easy to spot. Whether installed indoors or out, dome surveillance cameras provide unrivaled coverage for virtually any application. The dome housing, infrared night vision, and robust metal base of most dome security cameras make them well-suited for use in harsh environments where reliable surveillance is required.

Which Places Use A Dome Camera, And What Are Its Advantages?

Common applications for dome cams include Casinos, Banks, Restaurants, Schools, Hotels, Industrial Premises, Toll Booths, Hospitals, and Libraries. Domes have a number of advantages, which are as follows - 

  • Water & Dust Proof: 

Waterproof and dustproof, many outdoor dome cameras ensure constant surveillance no matter the weather. The IP65, IP66, and IP67 ratings are common for these weatherproof dome cams used outdoors. In order to keep cameras functional in polar conditions, many security companies sell outdoor domes with built-in temperature monitors and heaters.

  • Sleek Design:

A dome security camera is a great option for organizations that need to expand their surveillance capabilities rapidly and without a lot of hassle because of their minimalistic appearance and general adaptability without the need for additional lenses.

  • High Resolution: 

While resolution can vary by dome camera model, most manufacturers provide cameras with respectable pixel counts. Many of today's video security systems use domes with resolutions between 2 and 6 megapixels, including some that have 3MP (2048 x 1536 pixel) sensors that can record up to 50% more detail than 1080p.

  • Discrete Positioning:

Distant observers may have trouble determining the camera's direction of view due to the dome cover. It is an excellent deterrent against crime and vandalism since it makes it hard for intruders to tell which areas are being monitored without getting quite close to the camera.

  • Wide-Angle Monitoring: 

Dome security cameras with varifocal lenses let users alter the dome lens's focal length to a specific viewing distance. Dome-shaped housings, with their movable lenses, provide wider-angle surveillance.

  • Night Vision:

Many dome cams use a progressive CMOS sensor with infrared (IR) illuminators for use at night. When used together, an interior or outdoor camera can achieve ranges of 30 meters or more with low-light sensitivity previously thought impossible.

Various Dome Camera Varieties

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) domes provide extensive area monitoring thanks to their remotely controlled zoom and lens rotation. PTZ domes are in high demand by customers who want surveillance equipment that is both reliable and versatile. Parking lots and guard shacks are great places to install PTZ cameras since security guards often need to move the camera quickly in reaction to an occurrence.

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) dome cams are praised for their simple plug-and-play setup. PoE domes can be connected to the network and powered using a single Ethernet wire. It is simple to get PoE cameras up and running without installing additional wire because most businesses and organizations already have Ethernet ports dispersed throughout buildings.

High-resolution and ultra-detailed images are possible with 4K dome cameras, which are commonly utilized inside. When it comes to inconspicuous surveillance in public spaces like upscale stores or POS terminals, 4K domes are the way to go. Unlike 3MP cameras, 4K cameras record at 8MP, greatly improving image quality.

Security cameras that rely on local storage, such as NVRs or DVRs, are known as dome CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras. Depending on the recorder, dome CCTV cameras transmit data via coaxial or Ethernet connections. Dome CCTV cameras may seem like a foolproof option, but they can be compromised by allowing remote access to footage, which requires making recording gear, ports, and firewalls available.


In order to effectively deter vandalism, prevent theft, and record suspicious activities, outdoor dome cameras are needed. Finding an outdoor dome camera with infrared illuminators is crucial for capturing usable footage in low-light circumstances. If you are ready to buy a dome camera, Backstreet Surveillance is here to help you from choosing to buying the best one.