Hikvision, Dahua Locked Out of US Market - Dahua Sell Lorex

Nov. 2022 - The FCC Acts! Dahua dumps Lorex, and Hikvision is on the run. The slow motion train wreck the 2019 NDAA Law started is approaching its crash site. The actions of the FCC are quite decisive, no more FCC licenses for new electronics produced from Hikvision or Dahua-Lorex. In response Dahua sells Lorex the same day! The impact of this decision is a crippling blow for these companies. All they can do now is sell and support existing licensed equipment; cameras and NVR's. No new up-grades, no new equipment, only legacy system support if it's profitable, but in our opinion it's only a matter of time before they are forced to abandon the USA market completely.

In reaction to the FCC actions Dahua sells off their Lorex store-front to a Taiwan company, a company that is not associated with the NDAA ban, this preserves the Lorex store-front so another Asian supplier can have their turn dumping electronics into the US market...here we go again!

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