Lorex Likely to Banned in the USA


June 17th 2021

The FCC voted unanimously to start procedures to ban the sale of Lorex (Dahua) and Hikvision security cameras in the United States.

The proposed measure bans equipment from these companies by denying FCC licenses to sell new products in the United States. The FCC is also considering including all existing equipment already in use from these companies. The move by the FCC expands on the 2019 NDAA Congressional ban on using equipment from these companies in federal facilities. As the FCC chairwoman stated “Once an entity lands on our Covered List, there doesn’t appear to be any reason why the FCC should continue to review that gear and offer the FCC seal of approval.” The 2019 NDAA law places Lorex, Dahua and Hikvision on the “Converted List”.

Without the FCC license it is illegal to sell or install the equipment in the United States.

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While this FCC action is not yet ratified, it is likely to become the law of the land.

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer. Lorex is 100% owned by this Chinese manufacturer.

Lorex is “selling”, or as our government is calling it, “dumping” low cost equipment directly into the US market. Because Lorex is located in Canada, they allow this Chinese manufacturer to mask themselves as a western based company and completely bypass import tariffs targeting Chinese manufacturers. All of your investment is sent directly out of the country, benefiting the marketing in Canada and this Chinese company.

Lorex Owned by Dahua

Where’s the support?

Lorex does not disclose where their support is located, but it is not in the USA. It is likely in Singapore or India. When we called, their support did not answer. On the second call, they were unable to help with basic technical questions. Let us know if you received better support and we'll reconsider this post.

Our support is 100% USA based and located in our national support center in Salt Lake City, Utah. We invest heavily in our customer support center to assure that you get expert advice and assistance when you need it. We even offer extended support hours and after hour appointments.

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Why are Lorex’s reviews so good?

Shopper Award

They pay for them! Most Lorex reviews you will see have gone through the wash. You will notice in very small print “paid review” is listed next to their glowing customer response.

We use the internet's most trusted customer review service "Shopper Approved" to document the quality of our surveillance equipment and the superior level of support we provide. All reviews are independently collected and guaranteed to be authentic.

We pride ourselves on meeting our customer's expectations. Our efforts have earned thousands of 5 star customer reviews. Click on the "Award Button" to check out some of our latest 5 Star Reviews!

Why is the Lorex price so low?

Firstly, because they have no physical USA presence, but we have already discussed that. The second reason is CONSUMER vs. PROFESSIONAL. "Consumer Grade" products first target a price point, then they are designed to fit that price. Low price is king with Consumer Grade and quality usually comes in as a distant second. Suppliers of this type of equipment include: Amazon, Lorex, Q-See, Night Owl, Montavue, On-Point, etc.

Reality is, when it comes to video surveillance, you get what you pay for. A low price is just a low price, but value is quality at a low price. Backstreet Surveillance offers value. You will search for days to find a professional security dealer offering Lorex. Why? You would think if they are low cost and high quality, then a security dealer would be interested in selling Lorex. They simply do not because it’s not the level of quality or performance that a customer expects from a security dealer.

Professional Grade equipment is what Backstreet offers. Our products are designed for performance and the price is based on the electronics required to provide that performance. Quality comes first. Because quality comes first, our products are superior, allowing us to offer the industry’s longest warranty: 5 years. This is also why we do not price match Lorex. It is not a balanced comparison. What we do offer is our lowest price for the best equipment we can provide, and hope that you, the consumer, will see this value.

As one of our employees stated so well:

“I spend all day on the phone replacing Lorex systems,
it’s a good thing their products are not as good as their marketing.
I wish our marketing was as good as our products!”

Why are Lorex/Dahua/Hikvision cameras banned from US Government buildings and facilities?

Hidden backdoor access was found in the cameras that they were selling into the USA. This security breach allows anyone to access the camera's video feed with the owner being completely unaware. This was not a lapse in trust our government was willing to accept. Our Government acted and congress passed the 2019 NDAA into law. This law bans all equipment from these suppliers from being installed in US government facilities. This may not concern the average consumer, but you must ask yourself, should we be supporting, encouraging and purchasing products that our own government does not trust?

This issue dose not phase many consumers. They buy knowing they might be spied on. As a security consultant, I have to ask myself why the suppliers would take such a risk with their market by allowing their products to be compromised? What is the benefit for them? When you ask that question, the issue becomes sobering. It was not there for the benefit of the consumer, that's for sure.

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Not on our watch!

Backstreet tests and certifies that each and every product is free and secure from any unauthorized remote access. Our ProVue surveillance equipment is certified to meet the NDAA2019 requirements.

What makes Backstreet different?

Firstly, no one manufactures security cameras in the USA. One company that claimed to was just raided by the federal government. Adventura was buying foreign made cameras, removing the production identifiers and selling the equipment to the Federal Government as American made. This was not a good idea. They are now paying the price for the deception.

Backstreet is as close to "American Made" as you will find. Our video chips and key components are made in America, the lens and housings are made overseas and our cameras are assembled following our quality control guidelines. Our products are design by us and then manufactured to our specifications and quality control standards. We check and test all of our cameras for any breach in security, including hidden back doors. This testing and quality control is performed by our technical department here in the USA and is the final step to a quality product.