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In 2019, the US government banned the use of Dahua, Hikvision and Montavue security cameras in federal facilities. In June 2021, the FCC unanimously voted to start procedures to ban the sale of these brands to the general public by denying new products FCC approval.

The proposed measure bans equipment from these companies by denying FCC licenses to sell new products in the United States. The FCC is also considering including all existing equipment from these companies. While this FCC action is not yet ratified, it is likely to soon become law. Without the FCC license, it is illegal to sell or install this equipment in the United States. It is possible to purchase from these suppliers and in less than a year, it could be illegal to utilize this equipment in the USA.

How do you know you are buying equipment that is approved and secure? Only buy equipment that states it is NDAA compliant and displays this logo.

All the equipment in our ProVue Series is NDAA compliant.

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Why are they banned from US Government buildings and facilities?

A hidden backdoor access was found in equipment provided by these manufacturers. This security breach allows access to the camera's video feed, whilst the owner of the equipment is completely unaware. This was clearly not a lapse in trust that our government was willing to accept. Our Government acted and congress passed the 2019 NDAA into law. This law bans select suppliers from supplying equipment for use in US government facilities.

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Backstreet tests and certifies that each and every product is free and secure from any unauthorized remote access. Our ProVue surveillance equipment is certified to meet NDAA requirements.


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