Securing Your World with Security Camera Mounts and Video Recorders

The issue of safety is constantly on our minds. It's a no-brainer to invest in a reliable security system, whether you're a worried business owner or a worried homeowner trying to keep your property safe. However, when considering security, our minds tend to wander to glitzy details like high-tech cameras. Security camera mounts and video recording tools should be more noticed in safety and security.

Mounts for Surveillance Cameras: Unobtrusive Watch Dogs

Let's say you have a new, cutting-edge security camera installed and ready to go. It has all the bells and whistles, including night vision and motion detection. However, it barely holds on to a mount that has seen better days. In this case, a security camera mount might be useful. Security camera mounts are unsung heroes and vital to your security system's performance, yet they are frequently disregarded. Let's examine the reasons behind their significance:

  • Mounts for security cameras offer a rock-solid foundation. Thanks to these sturdy mounts, your cameras won't swing in the breeze or move around over time. A shaky camera can't record stable video, which defeats the purpose.
  • Position your cameras at the best possible angles with the help of a mount for comprehensive coverage. They are flexible enough to target specific areas, such as entryways, parking lots, or blind spots.
  • Protection from the elements is a must for any outdoor security camera. High-quality mounts can keep your cameras operational year-round, regardless of weather or temperature.
  • Sturdy camera mounts make it harder for thieves to remove your cameras. They add an indispensable safeguard to the system.

Magic Happens in the Video Recorder

So, you've set up your surveillance system and are monitoring your property. So, what do we do now? Here's where video recorders shine. These unsung heroes take raw material from cameras and turn it into useful information. They are the protectors who watch over your home when you can't. These components are the "brains" underlying the "muscle" of your surveillance cameras. What I mean is this:

  • Want to keep an eye on your house from far away? Try remote access. A common feature of modern video recorders is the ability to remotely access them using apps for mobile devices or web-based user interfaces.
  • You can keep all the footage your cameras record on these recorders. Video recorders provide a record of events, whether you need to monitor them in real time or look back on them later.
  • Many recorders include built-in motion-detecting features. Save space and make it easier to identify useful footage by only recording when motion is detected.
  • A recorder allows you to record your system at your discretion continuously. It is a lifesaver for companies monitoring their building at all hours.
  • If a theft or vandalism occurs, the video footage might be used as proof for the police or an insurance company.


In conclusion, security cameras are the main attraction, but their supporting cast of mounts and recorders should be remembered. These unsung heroes ensure your cameras work to their full potential by providing steadiness, ideal shooting angles, and shielding from the elements. 

While this is happening, video recorders are capturing and storing footage that can be used to secure your house or business better. So, when installing your security measures, give props where they're due. At Backstreet, we help you choose the best of these products.