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Turn-Key Business Networks with Professional Installation

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We are experts in business security and risk management. Our high security turn-key network solutions are affordable, worry free and exactly what a small company needs to maximize its digital data flow and secure its operations.

Business NetworkPricing Up Front

We are the only company nationwide with the confidence to quote a turn-key installation price up front. The packaged systems listed below are turn-key. Whether your needs are in Los Angeles, Miami, New York or Nome Alaska, you can budget and count on our quoted prices for a professional, finished turn-key installation.

We do it all!

We offer a complete one call solution for business owners and managers who need a secure, high performance network but do not have the time or expertise to manage one. We provide complete network design, installation, programming and on-demand support nationwide.


We design our networks with speed and security being our top priorities. We utilize the latest technology in firewalls and data processing to ensure a worry free high performance network. This is the solution for business owners and managers who do not have the time to learn and manage a network - leave that to us.

Why Business Managers and Owners Choose Us

We are the smart choice for small & mid-sized company networks, from 5-100 Station Systems. We offer one low price for a turn-key customized network. Our packaged network systems include it all: high security firewalls, patch panels or managed PoE switches, professional cable installation, wall plate terminations, commissioning, training and a 5 year warranty. You will not find a lower cost solution with the same standards, equipment quality or support.

Standardize All of Your Locations, Nationwide!

Instead of coordinating with multiple companies at multiple locations, with varying degrees of quality and standards, Backstreet standardizes your equipment, installation, cyber protection and on-demand support. From location to location, rest assured that you'll receive the same level of quality and support from anywhere in the country.

One Call, that’s All!

With one call we can define, design, deploy and manage your projects anywhere in the country. From start to finish, Backstreet ensures that you have uniform networks, standardized protection and one call solutions for any issues at any location.

Our Networks Support it All!Business Network
  • • High Cyber Security Protection
  • • Reliable WiFi Connectivity
  • • Modular Expansion
  • • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • • IP Phone System Integration
  • • IP Security & Camera Systems
  • • Printing & Document Sharing
  • • Custom Configurations & VPNs

ON-Demand IT Support48 Drop Network

For a true worry free solution, we offer pro-active IT support and threat monitoring services. For a low monthly fee we provide 11 hour a day on-demand IT support and proactively monitor and test your network for cyber vulnerabilities. You receive a bi-monthly report email detailing the tests and results. We instantly correct any vulnerabilities detected, ensuring that you maintain a high level of network integrity.

Custom Quotes

The kits listed below are a good starting point, they might even be the exact configuration you are looking for but it’s likely some adjustments are needed to meet your specifications. One quick call to our helpful consultants will provide you with a customized quote for your application. In minutes, you'll have a firm price on a custom network that you can count on.

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  1. Network Drop Installed
    Installation of (1) network Drop or Connection. Includes labor, cable, fitting, wall plates & terminations. Maximum cable distance 300 feet.
  2. (NAS-4 Bay) Network Attached Storage, 4 Hard Drive Bay
    • Secure Cloud Backup NAS. Stores Months of Video Footage. No Monthly Storage Fees. For Use with Cyber Secure Systems
  3. (NAS-8 Bay) Network Attached Storage, 8 Hard Drive Bays
    • Secure Cloud Backup NAS. Stores Months of Video Footage. No Monthly Storage Fees. For Use with Cyber Secure Systems
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