Cyber-Secure Client Software User Management


Yeah, so the VMS (video management software) here has individual user accounts. So you can provide user accounts for the management software itself. So if you're using the management software as your main point of view for the system, you can create individual accounts for end users on the NVR and have them log in with those accounts. Or if, for example, if this software is on a computer that other people might have access to, you might want to put a password on the software, especially if you're not sure who's accessing it or if it's remotely accessed for any reasons, or if it's a laptop that could be shared among other people. There are ways you can lock down the software itself with individual accounts as well as permissions here. In order to do that, we just need to go to user management here from the control panel.


And here we have the admin account, which is what we normally log in with the super administrator. There's only one super administrator. You can create other administrators, but you can only create one super admin. The super administrator would have permission to delete the other accounts or remove the NVR system from the management software. So the super administrator needs to go to the person who's actually actively managing the system. If you would like to give other people access to this management software, then all we do is we just add a new user here, whether it's an administrator or an operator. An operator typically will start with no permissions, and then you just give it permission to live view, control a camera and your playback, remote recordings, whatever permissions you want to give. Whether you want to give no permissions or all permissions, it's all up in the air, whatever you want to do as the administrator, other administrators usually come with a little bit more permissions, and then from there you can create a username and a password and confirm it.


And then apart from permissions, let's say we're going to create an operator here who only has permission to view one camera, nothing else, can't change anything, can't back anything up, can't move the camera. So we would do live view, and then we would select the one camera that he has permission to access. And then whenever that operator logs in to the software with his account, even though the NVR is in the software and all the cameras are showing up for administrators and super administrators, his login will only show him this one camera and he won't be able to do anything with it. He won't be able to back footage up or change anything. So you as the super administrator will be able to log in and do all that. Then you would just give everyone their own individual login so that when they log into the software, they can't create any trouble or problems by changing anything or deleting anything, whether inadvertently or intentionally.


And then up here in the upper right, we've got a couple of options here, we've got a quick menu. So if you don't want to go to a control panel, you can just go to the quick menu up here. We can switch users. So the super administrator, your shift ends, somebody else is coming in that doesn't have the same permissions as you do, you just switch users here. You don't have to close the software down, re-login, or anything like that. You just switch the user to the other one, and then those permissions take effect for the new user.


Then you've also got to lock here, right? Right now we're using the system so it's unlocked. If we lock it right in order to do anything right, I'm clicking around. I can't click on anything. I can't change anything. I would have to then provide the password to log into the system again in order to change anything or unlock it. So if you're going to lunch, that's a great theme. And then the last thing here, we've got a light theme and a dark theme, totally aesthetic, nothing functional about that might be better for your eyes to run the dark, might be better to see if you're on light, but the system's got options so you can really tailor it to what you like.

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