Cyber Secure - Security Measures

Cyber Secure Offers the Highest Level of Security

Cyber Secure Security FeaturesThe system meets all NDAA requirements and a NDAA compliant certification specific to your system can be provided upon request.

Password Protection
The system requires the default factory password to be changed upon first use. Once changed, there is no other password, known or hidden, that is used to log into the system. The system will only be accessed by you. You will be able to add other users and control their use of the system by camera and feature, but no access can be granted without your permission. Make certain that you don’t forget your password as it’s a multi-step process requiring multiple days to reset your access.

IP Lock
The most secure configuration of any system is to block all IP addresses that are not your own from remotely accessing the system. Remote intruders will never have the ability to even try to access your system as they are blocked on step one. By enabling the White-List IP feature, everyone but you is automatically blocked even before attempting access. Setup is fast and easy, creating the highest level of security of any surveillance system.

Encrypted Network Communication
All remote communications with the system and cameras are encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption. As with secure websites, Cyber Secure maintains active certification which assures and verifies that this level of security is always in place.

The Cyber Secure system overlays an encrypted watermark onto all video recordings. While hidden to the naked eye, the watermark is used to verify that the video has not been tampered with or altered in anyway. This assures any video clip from a Cyber Secure system meets the requirements of our legal system and is permissible in court.

Remote User Connection
All video feeds, user data & remote access is encrypted at the highest level. The communication path between your system and mobile devices is secured by peer-to-peer technology. No more opening modem ports or assigning static IP numbers, both of which expose your system to cyber threats. The peer-to-peer (P2P) system guarantees a closed encrypted connection for remote viewing.

Video File Security
If any of your storage devices are stolen or copied, your video files will remain safe and secure. Whether you store the video on the NVR or on a remote mass storage device, the data is encrypted and can only be viewed with certified software and credentials.

Device Security
Each device has only one unique register code and serial number which is unalterable. The register code is encrypted according to the NVR or camera's serial number. The register code is the unique identification of the device. This ensures a user is not fooled into logging onto a fake device that is designed to collect the user’s login credentials.

Proprietary Security Measures
Cyber Secure is equipped with additional hardware and firmware security features that are not shared with the public in order to maintain their effectiveness and operational integrity. Rest assured that Cyber Secure is designed for maximum system integrity. widget logo

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