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The experts at Backstreet Surveillance (with more than 40 years combined experience), has taken the technical knowledge needed to design an effective video surveillance system and simplified it into this easy to understand advice.


The information we offer is effective for both Home and Business applications. Specific design concepts are detailed for each.


Keep in mind an effective security camera system is “designed” to meet the challenges of the environment and the goals of the owner. While each video surveillance system is unique, the majority of systems follow basic concepts and best practices.

There will be some applications where this advice is not practical or does not apply. You may find your project has special considerations or challenges. If you do not find the answers you are looking for in the categories listed to the left, feel free to call our technical support center. One of our experts will be glad to help.

You can always book an appointment at your convenience. One our design professionals would be glad to help.

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