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Federal Registered & Approved for All Awards

SAM Registration

Backstreet is registered with the Federal government and approved to bid on all CCTV security-related projects. We offer GSA pricing, a 5-year warranty, and free USA lifetime technical support. Our unique combination of quality, support, and low price makes us the true value choice for Federal, State, and Local governments.

For example, the Federal agency NOAA competitively bid 26 locations for complete video security systems. They received 37 bids from competing companies. Backstreet was 3rd lowest, but due to the inability of the lower bids to provide the support services Backstreet offered, the agency wisely chose to award the contract to Backstreet. A good example of value winning over low price.

Backstreet offers standardized negotiated discounts to all federal, state, and local governments. If you represent a government agency and would like a quote, call us, and we'll be glad to help.

State & Local Government Pricing

Our negotiated Federal Pricing is available to all state, county and city municipalities. Give us a call for special pricing.

NDAA Compliant Equipment


Security providers who sell security equipment to the government or to contractors who service the government may be asked to certify that their security systems are NDAA compliant. The equipment supplier is required to provide written certification that the equipment meets NDAA requirements. This certification places the responsibility of meeting the law squarely on the provider and provides the consumer with written documentation they have met NDAA requirements.

This certification is documented using the government-provided NDAA-889-Representation Form titled "CONTRACTOR’S CERTIFICATION ON COMPLIANCE WITH NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT (NDAA). If your application requires NDAA certification, give us a call we'll be glad to help.

Extended 5 Year Warranty

All equipment is covered under a complete 5 year warranty from the date of delivery. During this time all products are guaranteed against manufacturing and operational defects. In the event of such defects during this period, it is our responsibility to replace the defective item with an exact or comparable product.

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