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GSA Government Pricing & Purchasing

What is GSA?

GSA Government Services Administration

GSA stands for "General Services Administration" it is responsible for constructing, managing, and preserving federal government buildings as well as leasing and managing commercial real estate. They provide professional services, equipment, supplies, and IT to government organizations and the military. Additionally, GSA promotes efficient government operations through developing management best practices.

Before a provider is awarded a GSA Federal Contract they are thoroughly vetted, from corporate managers to ownership is scrutinized. If the organization meets the stringent standards, it is awarded an annual contract and assigned a CAGE code. The CAGE code identifies the organization with the government departments and assures the organization is approved to perform business with the federal government.

Backstreet Surveillance maintains a GSA contract every year.

Our systems are Certified for Government Applications!

NDAA Compliant

All our systems and equipment meet all NDAA standards and are eligible for use in government security and surveillance applications. Upon request, we can provide a completed NDAA-889-Representation-Form documenting that the system you purchased meets all applicable government requirements.

What is GSA Advantage and what services does it provide?

GSA Advantage Program

GSA Advantage is a buying platform operated by the General Services Administration (GSA) of our Federal Government. It's a one-stop shop for federal agencies to purchase products and services with great benefits.

GSA Advantage is comparable to the government's version of Amazon. At Amazon, you will find various purchasing alternatives available with various types, brands, and prices. GSA Advantage works much in the same way for official agencies providing product data with photos, descriptions, and the approved GSA rate for each item. The price has been pre-negotiated at the federal rate assuring every buyer that they are purchasing at the lowest possible price for any specific item. Because of this negotiated price, the buyer is not required to go through the arduous process of obtaining competitive bids for the purchase. They simply shop for the item they require and purchase at the verified lowest price. The process eliminates days and even weeks of competitively bidding on a purchase.

State & Local Purchasing

Who can buy on our GSA Contract?

Most state, county, and local government purchasing departments can purchase the system we have designed for them through the GSA Advantage program. All a facility manager or decision maker has to do is request their department make this purchase on the GSA Advantage program.

This eliminates the long drawn out bidding process while assuring their budgets are spent efficiently and legally. If you'd like help utilizing the program for your local, state, or federal agency, give us a call we'll be glad to help. Mention the GSA program so we can direct you to the correct support representatives.

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