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One of the newest technologies people really are excited about, is a motion-tracking pan, tilt, and zoom cameras. Now they're pretty cool and I'm about to show you how they work, but they're not really for everybody because, for the cost of a PTZ camera, pan, tilt, zoom, you can put three or four cameras around. And even as powerful as pan, tilt, zoom cameras are, they still can only see in one place at one time, but there are a lot of times where PTZs are the way to go, and so let's take a look at one right now.


There is a motion-tracking PTZ camera. Now we can notice that the camera, as I move, will track what it's doing, it's doing two things. It's trying to keep me in the center of the picture, and it's going to adjust the pan, tilt, and zoom angles, depending on how far away I am.


Now the camera can actually detect the difference between a vehicle and a human being. Well, how would that work? So for example, maybe as the cars are going by, who cares? It's just recording it. But if they stop in front of your house, get out, and walk up onto your lawn, the camera starts tracking you and can send an alert right to your phone based on the fact that it's identified as a person.


As I mentioned earlier, the cost of a motion tracking pan, tilt, and zoom camera aren't for everybody, and it shouldn't be used all the time. PTZ cameras really should be used when you've got to cover a lot of ground or if you need to see detail at a great distance.

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  1. (PTZ-Dot) Mini Indoor or Outdoor Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Camera
    • - Indoor/Outdoor Wall or Ceiling
    • - 3K, Built-in PoE
    • - 3x Motorized Zoom Lens
    • - 90ft COLOR Night Vision
    Special Price $299.00 Regular Price $399.00
  2. (ProPTZ-4K) Long Range Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera
    • - Pan-Tilt-Zoom Long Range
    • - 4-94mm Motorized Zoom Lens
    • - Auto Tours & Motion Tracking
    • - 300ft COLOR Night Vision
    Special Price $989.00 Regular Price $1,099.00
  3. (CS-PTZ300) 3K Pan Tilt Zoom, Human Tracking
    • · Perimeter & Motion Tracking
    • · 4.8-120mm Zoom Lens
    • · Face Capture, People Count
    • · Ultra 330ft COLOR Night Vision
    Special Price $989.00 Regular Price $1,249.00
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