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Smart Phone Viewing and Alerts

The ability to remotely view and manage your video surveillance system from anywhere in the world is one of the most powerful features built right into our systems. You can remotely access your system anytime through a local WiFi, network, internet, or on your smartphone. Because the video recorder acts as the server and you already pay for an internet service, remote viewing on our systems costs nothing. There are no monthly fees for the service. You can view live and playback on any remote device.

Performance is based on the quality of the data signal. The internet service at the recorder's location should have an upload speed of no less than 5 megabits per second. Keep in mind that there are two speeds associated with internet service: the download speed and the upload speed. The download speed is always faster than the upload speed. When you are viewing your camera system with a remote device, you are uploading information from the video recorder. The upload speed is key to fluid reliable remote viewing.

All internet service providers are compatible with our systems, including satellite services such as HughesNet. If there are concerns regarding the quality of the internet service, ask the client to contact their provider and verify the upload speed. Many providers will allow you to increase the upload speed if it is below 5 megabits per second. If the upload speed is below this threshold, the feature will still operate, but there will be noticeable delays and often the video feeds will freeze for several seconds at a time. This is why it's important to verify the upload speed. Remote viewing always works if it's given the data service that it requires. If the customer experiences delays or freezing of video, the issue will be with the remote device that they are using or with their data service.

Because remote viewing is setup with peer-to-peer technology, the feature is very secure and sets up in just a couple of minutes. For smart phones, all you need to do is download the app and scan a QR code displayed on the recorder's video screen with the camera on your phone or tablet. The two devices instantly link without any static IP addresses or opening data ports on your internet modem. The process is fast and secure. You don't have to be remote to use remote viewing. Often the client uses their home computer or tablet to access the system using their home WiFi network.

You can set up multiple remote users with their own username, password, and permissions. You can select which cameras each user can see and what features they can access.

Remote Viewing - 5 Minute Setup

1- Connect the camera to a PoE unit or video recorder, then connect the recorder to your internet modem.

Smart Phone remote Viewing Setup

2- Download the ProVue or Cyber Secure app to your smart phone or tablet.

3- Using your smart phone or tablet, scan the QR code on the camera on or in the recorder's software info screen. The system will automatically link the smartphone for instant viewing.

FINISHED! You're now connected to the camera or video recorder. You can now access the live video and recorded clips anywhere, anytime.

Smart Phone Setup Tutorial

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