How to Create a Line-Item Quote

Let's take a look at making a quote freehand. Maybe you're competent and you don't need to use the custom kit builder. Let's say you're looking for a six-camera system. The quick and easy way is to go to the eight-camera systems and find the systems that are closest to what you're looking for. Let's say maybe it's the Pro-90D eight-camera systemPro-90D eight-camera system. You can add that to the cart.

And here's the brilliance of the way our system is set up, it breaks each part out individually. Any kit can be customized to exactly any system. Maybe this is fine, but I only need six of them, and I only need six cables. Then just update the shopping cart. Maybe you want to add one more camera. Maybe you want, let's say, a Pro-240MZ to really see down the road. So, let's go down there. Let's add the Pro 240MZ to the cart. That's going to need a cable, so, let's add a cable to the cart. Let's say it's a 75-foot cable. Okay. Now, we've got what's in the kit, and we've got the added camera and cable down here in the bottom. And then let's say, well, you want the installation too. So, let's go over and let's add the install in. And so, we come down here. Let's say it's residential. So, there's a base installation fee. We have to have that. That's the NVR setup, internet connection, and programming. All systems have a front end like that. So, that's one part of it. And then you come back in, and then you just select how many devices you're going to install, home device installation. So, now, if we add that into the cart, it puts it down here too, right here. But now, we have a total of seven cameras we have to install. So, we want to update that to seven devices. And then you update the shopping cart. Okay, now, we have a full-blown system that's been customized. We started with the kit. We customized it. We've got the cables. We've added a camera down here. We've added the installation startup cost and the device installation. This is a turnkey system. This is 100% installed for the customer.

Okay. Now, the same thing, we just go to the email. We just type in their name, their email, and their details. And then again, the most important thing, find you as a sales rep and make sure that it's attached to you so that you get credit when the customer places this order. Get quote. And there it is. It says it was sent. Now, obviously, that was just a fake email, so that's done. Now, again, you're going to get the same email that they are. You're going to get the link to the same quote, download it and save it for that customer.

That is how you do it. That is how you send quotes. This is the key. You simply just put everything in the shopping cart. Let's say someone just wants to add three cameras, again, you just come down to here and you want to add three of the Pro60VWs. Okay, no problem. 1, 2, 3. Update your shopping cart and go to the "email quote" button and send the quote just like we showed you.

Play with it and practice with it. Send yourself an email quote, so that you get comfortable using this system. If you have any questions, you know what to do. You go to your rep.

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