How to Add Audio Recording to your CCTV System
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The Smart Way to Add Audio Recording.

Audio recording is an effective tool in the video surveillance world; however, there are correct applications for it as well as some less than desirable uses.


We will discuss the proper use of them here. The areas we will not discuss are applications where the audio is used as a spying tool. We do not support the use of hidden Audio & Video security cameras, also known as "Spy Cameras".


Audio can be an incredibly useful management tool - for example, monitoring the performance of a sales department. An Automotive Dealership may use audio recording as a way to document their negotiations with the customer. Think about how powerful it would be to go back and listen to what they actually said.


Our selection of audio security cameras are available as small indoor domes and solid outdoor vandal domes. The cameras have a microphone built-in so that no additional wiring is needed. The cameras are perfect for almost any outdoor application: on your front porch, in a retail store, by cash registers, in lobbies, walkways, parking garages, designated smoking areas, gates and customer service counters. The uses are endless.


Proper camera placement will be different for every application, but generally the cameras effectively monitor a conversation up to 30 feet. This distance may fluctuate depending on the location and application. For example, if you are going to monitor a retail store, you probably want the microphone close to where most of the conversations will occur (the cash register perhaps). To most effectively use the camera, mount it in a corner so you can maximize the camera's view and still capture the conversation. Otherwise, go with the most convenient location within 30 feet.


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