Configuring Your System
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Configuring Your System – Home & Business

The video recorder's location is up to you and your preference. You can locate it conveniently in an office and use it to manage, view and playback video right from the recorder's location. You can also connect the video recorder (NVR/DVR) to a home or business network and use personal computers or wireless tablets to manage the system. This allows the video recorder (NVR) to be placed out of sight and hidden in a utility room, data center or closet.

Connecting the cameras directly to the NVR and then the NVR to the internet modem or router provides complete control both onsite and remotely. Internet / mobile access is instant through the broadband internet connection (live viewing and control from your mobile devices).

Once connected to the internet modem or router, the NVR can be accessed through the network and managed using another computer or workstation. The NVR effectively becomes the video server and no longer requires a monitor. This allows the NVR to be located out of sight.

Our IP based systems allow cameras to be connected to any PoE (Power over Ethernet) unit on a network. The cameras link through the network to the video recorder, which is also connected to the network.

Standalone Systems

Networks and internet connections are not required for most security camera systems to function. All the systems we reference in this guide can operate as standalone systems. A standalone system is one that does not have any connection to the outside world. It only consists of cameras, a video recorder, monitor and mouse. (Note: Ultra series requires a modem or router for initial setup.) That is all that is needed for a system to operate.

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