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Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Backstreet provides WiFi security cameras for your home or business wireless security systems. Whether indoors or outdoors, our wireless security systems are designed to perform and built to last. For the best in Backstreet’s wireless outdoor security cameras, browse below.
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Our Top Business & Commercial Wireless Solution


The Truth about Wireless "Wifi" Security Cameras


We are all attracted to the promises wireless security cameras offer. Unfortunately, for residential wireless security cameras they often fall short of our expectations. Wireless may be the right choice for you, but from experience, we encourage you to make an informed decision and have realistic expectations.

Wireless Rule #1

Only consider wireless if running a single cable from the
camera location to the video recorder is not possible. The main
benefit of wireless is convenience, not performance.

Wireless cameras are wireless...not true. All security cameras, wired or wireless, require constant power to capture and transmit the video. This means each camera (including wireless) requires a constant power source. Battery powered cameras are not a serious security solution. Many battery powered cameras are emerging on the market. They boast continuous operation for up to a year with one charge; not true, none of them operate for more and 2-3 months. They usually “die on the vine” with the consumer growing tired of the constant maintenance.

Furthermore, they cannot transmit fluid video, only still frame images or low resolution snippets of video. Blink Security Cameras are a good example of a system we are constantly helping customers replace. As experts in the industry, our advice is to stay away. If you do buy them, check the suppliers return policy and keep the receipt.


Wireless Rule #2

Stay away from battery powered cameras.


Blink Battery Review

Arlo Battery Review

Wireless cameras can easily use your existing home wifi network as long as you do not want to use your wifi for anything else. The workload of high resolution cameras streaming multiple video signals can make your wifi performance slow to a crawl. Good wireless security cameras create their own secure wifi network separate from your home's wifi. This keeps your family happy and the camera signal secure.

Wireless Rule #3

Keep cameras off of your home wifi network.
Only consider wireless cameras that create their own secure wifi network.

Keep your performance expectations reasonable. Remember you are considering wireless for convenience rather than performance. After reading this advice you might assume we are "anti" wireless. This is not the case. There are applications where wireless is the right choice. We simply want our customers to get what they are expecting. We test all the wireless products that come on the market and we offer the best we find. Below you will find the wireless solutions that we trust and can put our reputation behind.


Our Top Residential Pick




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  1. ProVue - Pro2Way

    Nanny Cam
    • - Live Viewing & 2 Way Audio
    • - Indoor Camera
    • - Built-in Microphone & Speaker
    • - 30 Foot Night Vision
    $165 - Save Big!
  2. Wifi-Bullet

    Video Over Network Cable
    • - Indoor/Outdoor Metal Housing
    • - 2 Megapixel HD Resolution
    • - Wide Angle 90° View
    • - 60 Foot Night Vision
    $199 - Save 40%
  3. 1080p WIFI "Wireless" Kit

    • - 4 Camera Wireless Kit
    • - 90 Foot Night Vision
    • - Outdoor Wall & Ceiling Mount
    • - Wide Angle Lens - HD 1080p
    $799 - Save 40%
  4. 4K WIFI "Wireless" Kit

    • - 4 Camera Wireless Kit
    • - 80 Foot Night Vision
    • - Outdoor Wall & Ceiling Mount
    • - Wide Angle Lens - 4K 15fps
    $799 - Save 40%
  5. WiFi Router

    • WIFI-ROUTER Secure wifi router for IP wireless security cameras.
  6. Wifi Transmitter Kit

    Item: WIFI-3000-Kit
    • Transmits groups of cameras wifi-wireless up to 3000 feet.
  7. Sentry-Long Range Wifi

    Item: Sentry-Kit
    • Sentry-Kit Transmit 1-8 HD security cameras. Outdoor secure wireless up to 2 miles. All Backstreet IP cameras supported.
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