What happens if they steal your video recorder?

Okay, let's talk about what happens if the video recorder is stolen.


Over the last 30 years, being in the industry, I've seen that occur about seven times. So what happens is with the video recorder gone, so is your evidence, and so are the recordings. Cameras are constantly feeding the video to the video recorder, and there are hard drives installed in the video recorder. That's what's recording the video.


When you're logging in remotely and playing back, you're actually logging onto this unit and playing back the video in the hard drive. So if a burglar is smart enough to take the video recorder, they take the evidence of them breaking in and taking the video recorder.


So how do we protect ourselves against something like that? We've all heard of cloud cameras. And cloud cameras are kind of the big craze now, but there are some things you ought to know about them.


The camera is feeding the video, streaming the video up to the cloud, and it's being recorded. The bottleneck is your bandwidth and your upload speed on your broadband internet service. The bandwidth isn't big enough. So what do the cloud service companies do? They reduce the clarity. They'll take as much as a 4K camera, which is eight megapixels, and they'll drop it down to 1080p. So you're actually recording one-fourth of the clarity that the camera's capable of. If that doesn't reduce the bandwidth issue enough, then they'll start dropping frame rates. Live viewing is 30 frames a second. They'll drop it as low as 15 frames a second, which gives you choppy viewing. On top of all of that, they charge a nice big fat monthly fee for storage.


Backstreet surveillance cameras are equipped with a micro SD memory card slot in the camera. We can take 128 gig SD memory cards. You put it in the camera. As the camera's streaming the 4K video to the video recorder, it's also streaming the video to the memory card in the camera. If someone breaks in and steals the video recorder, they've taken the main storage unit, but we still have the 4K video of them breaking in and stealing the unit. All you have to do is pull up your phone, log into the camera remotely, and you can download the video off that memory card. It's a brilliant way to protect yourself from theft without a monthly fee.

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