Sentry-Pro Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Quick Overview

Rental $1,799/month

• No Long Term Contract • Vandalism Insurance Included • Live 24hr Monitoring & Dispatch • Cellular Data Service Included • No Additional Operational Costs • Delivery & Pickup Fees Quoted Separately

Rental Deposit
First and last months rental fee, plus any delivery and pick fees. Use it only as long as you need, cancel anytime! Lead time for delivery 2-4 weeks.

Sentry-Lite & Sentry-Pro Specification Sheet

Live Video Surveillance - Where and When You Need It

Sentry-Pro is the cost-effective alternative to other expensive surveillance trailers. The unit is self-contained and can be deployed almost anywhere in less than 10 minutes. The Sentry system puts live eyes on a problem location 24 hours a day without putting anyone in harm’s way. The system never sleeps, takes a break or calls in sick.

Solar Surveillance Trailers

    Best Performance on the Market!

    • • Best 4K Clarity, 30fps Live Video
    • • 4 Weeks of Stored On-demand Video
    • • Up to 500 Foot AI Human Detection
    • • 196,000 Square Feet of Coverage
    • • Color Night Vision & Long Range IR
    • • Talk Down - Two-way Communication
    • • Active Deterrence with 120dB Siren
    • • Live Video Monitoring & Police Dispatch
    • • 800 Watts Fast-track Solar Charging
    • • 4 Days Continuous Battery Backup
    • • Face ID and Plate Capture Options
    • • Mobile App Access & Automated Alerts
    • • Unlimited Factory Direct Support
    • • Hardened Vandal Resistant Design
    • • Easy-up 18 Foot No-sway Mast
    • • Total weight 1200 Pounds
    • • Extreme Weather Conditions
    • • LoJack GPS Nationwide Locator
    • • NDAA & Insurance Compliant

The Sentry-Pro offers a dependable video surveillance solution for any location needing live remote monitoring, crime deterrence or real-time police response. The uses are endless: parking lots, boat docks, ranch gates, farms, HOA’s, intersections, sports events, concerts, construction sites, parks, schools, universities, government buildings, police departments, and most off-grid locations. The Sentry-Pro is the perfect solution for locations where power and communications are not readily available.

The Sentry is not just a live surveillance solution, but also an incredibly effective project management tool. Using our mobile apps, users can log into the video feeds live and monitor the activity such as workers’ performance, deliveries, weather conditions, and safety procedures.

The on-demand (4) weeks of 4K video recordings can be searched, and selected events downloaded to smart phones or computers. Automated AI programmed alerts can instantly notify users of an event. After hours our live monitoring center takes over assuring live deterrence response and PD dispatch if intruders do not comply with the commands to exit the protected area.

Deterrence & Response

The presence of a Sentry-Pro on-site has an immediate deterrence effect on crime and other nuisance behaviors. The system offers three levels of monitoring and response. It can be deployed on-site and set to record all events to the onboard nvr without remote access or monitoring. The most popular option is the cellular data link service which allows you to remotely view cameras live, review recorded video, and receive programmed detection alerts directly to your smartphone. The most responsive option is our 24/7 video monitoring service. Our representatives respond to unwanted visitors in real-time, broadcasting warnings to leave and when needed, dispatch security services or the police.

Effective Coverage Area

The base unit is equipped with (2) Active Deterrence PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras and (2) CS-PTZ300 Long Range Zoom PTZ cameras providing an effective surveillance area of 196,000sq feet. The cameras are referred to as “active deterrence” because they are equipped with advanced AI, allowing the camera to detect a human as well as motorized and non-motorized vehicle profiles with 99% accuracy. Each profile can have unique custom automated responses independent from the other profiles. For example, when the camera specifically detects a human profile entering a selected area, the camera can automatically broadcast a message to the intruder and activate its warning lights, while launching the live video feed to your smartphone and notifying our central monitoring center. The cameras are also equipped with live two-way communication.

Camera Selection

Each Sentry-Pro can support up to 5 Cyber-Secure surveillance cameras. Each unit can be customized with several different camera options in any combination. The camera options include active deterrence, long-range infrared pan-tilt-zoom, license plate capture, 24-hour color, motorized zoom and wide-angle fixed view. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to customize a Sentry-Pro to fit your exact needs.

License Plate ID & Capture

License Plate Capture

Add an LPR (license plate capture) camera to your Sentry trailer. The Sentry surveillance systems are equipped with advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) built into the software. It provides the ability to identify license plates and send alerts if a known or unknown plate is detected. The system automatically detects, captures, and compares plates against a whitelist, blacklist, or unknown and can perform custom responses for each of them. The system automatically creates a video and snapshot of each plate which can be searched in the database. Several variables must be considered to reliably capture plates. Follow these rules and you’ll reliably capture plates.


The Sentry offers the quickest deployment of any mobile surveillance trailer. • Pick the trailer location. • Level the unit with the drop-down levelers. • Deploy the mast. • Turn the power on. After a 2-minute start-up, the system will be recording and the live video will be accessible with smartphones and remote computers.


The Sentry-Pro system includes an on-site NVR (network video recorder) which records and stores 4K video. The NVR is connected to a Mobile Hotspot which requires a wireless data service. Live viewing, video playback, and remote motion alerts are all provided by this Hotspot which is equipped with a data card from a national cellular provider. We provide monthly data service through T-Mobile. If you prefer to use another cellular provider, their service will work with the hotspot but we will be limited in our ability to help you complete setup and configuration.

User Access

The Sentry-Pro video system can be accessed from anywhere you have cell service or access to the internet. Using your smartphone or PC, you can view live video from multiple cameras and perform multi-camera video playback on demand. Multiple users can be granted access to the system. Each user is given their own login credentials and can be limited to selected cameras and what features they can use.

Video Storage

The Sentry comes equipped to store 4 weeks of continuous 4K live video from all cameras. Total storage time can be expanded by adding more hard drive space. If you have a need for longer storage, give us a call and we’ll be glad to calculate the storage needed.

Managing the System

The Sentry-Pro is equipped with our advanced Cyber Secure surveillance system. The system's advanced AI allows each camera to be programmed for special detection events that trigger custom alerts and responses all in real-time! Be proactive and monitor the system live or don’t worry about a thing and wait for a custom alert to let you know that your attention is needed. You decide how you want to use the system and we’ll program it to do just that.

Live Monitoring & Dispatch

When your application needs a live response, our video monitoring service is the solution. For less than $1 per hour, our 24-hour monitoring service provides real-time response to events on site. The Sentry communicates alarm conditions instantly to our monitoring center. Our operators respond live with warning messages, and sirens. If needed, they dispatch the local police or private security services, providing a visual description of the suspects and their location. This service offers the highest level of deterrence and response in the security industry.

Factory Support

When you partner with Backstreet, you have a true partner. Our technical support department is available during our extended support hours and is free for life. If you have any questions or need help with system operation, programming, user management, video search or any other questions, call our toll-free nationwide support line. We’ll be glad to help.

Our Sentry solutions are the affordable alternative with value added!

More Information

Sentry Trailers Specifications Sheet & Rental Program

Why we use Tilt-up No-sway Masts

There are two types of masts which the cameras are mounted, telescoping and tilt-up. The most common is the telescoping mast. They come in a variety of manual crank and powered versions. We prefer the tilt-up mast for several very important reasons. First the telescoping masts have a big design flaw. They sway, they sway in the wind a lot. Some even require support guide wires from the top of the mast to the trailer frame just to stabilize it. The real problem is when a PTZ camera is zoomed in to a target area and the mast sways half an inch, the zoomed in view ways 2 to 3 feet horizontally. This makes AI human detection less reliable, less effective and the video quality suffers. Our tilt-up mast has no such problems with the wind, our single piece no-sway mast puts the cameras at the 18 foot height as others, without all the wiggle. Tilt-up masts require less moving parts and deploys quickly and reliably with our hand crank design, simple and reliable.

Trailer Mast Options Telescope vs Tilt-up

Certificate of Origin & VIN Registration

Certificate of Origin, VIN & State Registrations

Each trailer is issued a Certificate of Origin and a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). These documents allow the trailer to be registered with all 50 states for legal transportation on public roads.

Surveillance Trailers

What is a Surveillance Trailer?

Why are these strange, purpose built, surveillance trailers popping up all over the country? Are they the only reliable and cost-effective solutions available for crime deterrence and response? How do they work? Are they Effective?


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9 - Video Recorders & Best Locations
How to select the right security NVR (network video recorder) for your application. Click through to learn the best locations for video surveillance recorders.

10 - Video Storage, Hard Drives & Cloud
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PoE units make installation more cost-effective and provide flexible system design options. Learn what they are and how to use them.

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16 - DIY Installation or Pro Install - You Choose!
Most of our customers install the system themselves with our expert factory support, but you may want that clean professional installation completed by a pro. We support both options nationwide and you choose which you prefer. (video)

17 - Live & Remote Viewing with Alerts
You choose how you interface with our state-of-the-art-systems. All options are available and any combination of viewing options can be used: direct connect monitors, personal computers, tablets, and smartphones - Super fast, clear, and no monthly fees.

Plate & Book

18 - Capturing License Plates
One of the most common requests our customers have is the ability to identify and capture license plates. This can be achieved if you follow the rules and recommendations we detail. It is important that you follow them, simply because capturing a license plate is one of the most challenging tasks for security cameras.

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21 - Become Certified Design Consultant
Help secure your community and earn a great income on your schedule. Backstreet University offers a professional consultant training course.

Design Tools & Resources

Design & Book

Expert System Design Service
Let one of our experts design your system. Its the sure way to get it right the first time at the lowest price. Book a 30-minute design appointment using our online calendar. You'll be glad you did!

Do-it-yourself System Designer
Design your home or business security system like a Pro. Locate cameras and their viewing areas to provide a visual of the effective coverage of each camera and evaluate the overall design. This surveillance system design tool covers it all.

HDD & Book

Custom Kit Builder
Build a complete custom system for your home or business without any confusion or mistakes. This easy to use tool makes sure you select all the components you need for a complete system. You can even include installation!

Hard Drive Calculator
Use our video storage calculator to determine the size of the hard drive you need based on the number of cameras and the desired storage days.

Security Industry Terms
Not sure what Cat6 is? Would you like to know the difference between a DVR and an NVR? Here are simple and clear explanations of the industry terms.

How to Troubleshoot Security Cameras & Systems

CCTV Security systems consist of several electronic parts. The system requires all of them to be operating flawlessly for reliable operation. When one item fails it can be difficult to find the issues because each part relies on the other for system-wide operation. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you'll quickly identify the part causing the problem.

Industry News & Events

Banned Security Brands
US government banned the use of Dahua, Lorex, Hikvision and other security cameras in federal facilities due to hidden backdoors. In June 2021, the FCC unanimously voted to start procedures to ban the sale of these brands to the general public by denying new products FCC approval.

What is NDAA & Why It Matters
The NDAA law banned the use of electronic equipment provided by specific companies. What’s interesting about the law is that it bans companies rather than countries. It ignores borders and focuses on individual entities.

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