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  • 3D-PTZ-Joystick Controller

    3D-PTZ-Joystick Controller

    - 3D PTZ Controller
    - Professional performance
    - Controls up to 32 Cameras
    - Preset Points & Automatic Tours
  • DVD-RW

    Internal DVD-RW

    Item: DVDRW-INT
    DVD-RW Read & Write DVD drive for Professional Series DVRs.
  • HDMI Two-Way Splitter

    HDMI Two-Way Splitter

    Item: HDMI-2-WAY
    HDMI Two Way Signal Splitter, Supports 2 Monitors or TVs.
  • HDMI Four-Way Splitter

    HDMI Four-Way Splitter

    Item: HDMI-4-WAY
    HDMI Four Way Signal Splitter, Supports 4 Monitors or TVs.
  • Hot Switch 2

    Hot Switch 2

    Item: Hot-Switch-2
    This unit allows you to connect one keyboard, mouse and monitor to a PC and surveillance NVR. Switch between each unit with a touch of a keyboard button.
  • WiFi Router

    WiFi Router

    Secure wifi router for Elite wireless security camera kits.
  • Video Transmitter Kit

    Video Transmitter Kit

    Item: PWR-Trans-Kit
    Transmit video over existing 110v power lines.

    This unit solves the hard to wire camera problems. The kit transmits up to 16 camera video signals across 110v power wiring.
  • PoE Signal Extender

    PoE Signal Extender

    Item: POE-EXT
    Regenerates the video and power signal for HD-IP and Elite-IP cameras; allowing the total cable distance to be doubled or tripled.
  • 1 Pair of video transceiver untis

    Video Balun Set

    Item: BALUN-2
    Long range video transmission. 1 Pair of Video Baluns; Transmits CVI 4mp video up to 650' on Cat5 or Cat6 cable.
  • Wifi Transmitter Kit

    Wifi Transmitter Kit

    Item: WIFI-1000-Kit
    Wifi Network Bridge. Transmits groups of cameras wifi-wireless up to 1000 feet.
  • Sentry-Long Range Wifi

    Sentry-Long Range Wifi

    Item: Sentry-Kit
    Transmit 1-8 HD security cameras. Outdoor secure wireless up to 2 miles. All Backstreet IP cameras supported. Entry gates, boat ramps, parking lots, HOA's, pools, farms, road intersections etc.
  • Rocket Pack Wifi Rec.

    Rocket Pack Wifi Rec.

    Item: Rocket Pack
    This kit replaces (1) of the NanoBean antennas included with a our Sentry kits. The antenna creates a wide area wifi signal that allows multiple Sentry Systems to be transmitted to a single video monitoring station.
  • Alarm-Kit


    Item: Alarm-Kit
    - Outdoor Siren/Strobe
    - NVR Control
    - Motion Activation
    - Custom Programming
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