4x4" UV Protected Video Security Warning Sticker

Warning Sticker



Outdoor warning decals. Let them know you're watching! The best deterrent to theft and crime.

Durable PVC 4"x4" video security warning window sticker. Great for store windows, doors or any area where deterring theft or vandalism is needed. 10 year fade resistant guarantee. Great for indoor or outdoor display. Let them know you're watching!

Blog Article: Do warning signs & stickers deter crime? Are you safer?

Deterrence is the key! Send the bad guys on their way by letting them know you are watching and it won't be worth it!

Outdoor Warning Sign

Posting warnings signs in your yard and on your home or business makes you less likely to be burglarized. In essence displaying warning signs on our property, clearly stating that you have active security protection deters crime.


Warning stickers and signs make you a less likely target. The fact is the effectiveness of a video surveillance system does not diminish by posting warning signs. Just the opposite! They enhance your security and surveillance measures.


So post them proudly and let people know your home or business is not an easy target!

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