Rj45 Crimping Tool for all Types of Network Cables

RJ45 Crimping Tool


Item #VDV226-011-SEN

RJ45 Crimping Tool

- This RJ45 Medium-Duty Crimp Tool can be used for terminating a RJ45 fittings to all types of network cable.

RJ45 Crimping Tool

Used to connect RJ45 fittings to all types of network cables including Cat5 & Cat6.

Fast, reliable modular-crimp connector installation for voice and data applications

All-In-One Tool, cuts, strips and crimps paired-conductor cables (round STP/UTP and flat-satin phone cable)

Crimps 4, 6, and 8 position modular connectors (RJ22, RJ11/RJ12, and RJ45)

Steel body with black-oxide finish for excellent performance and durability

Crimping dies are precision ground from high-carbon steel

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