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Our systems are designed by experts. Each design is custom targeting efficient facility management, employee/visitor safety and accountability, asset protection, remote management and any other concerns unique to your operation. Nationwide we have successfully designed tens of thousand of commercial and business systems. A few that stand out: Air Ports, Police Stations, Nuclear Power Plants, Hydro-electric Dams, Hotels, Submarine Manufacturing Facilities, Food Processing Plants, HOA's, Congressional Offices, Interrogation Rooms, you name it...we've designed it. Let us go to work for you with no obligation, we are confident our process will earn your trust.


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  • - Expert System Design
  • - Best Camera Locations
  • - Expected Fields of View
  • - Video Transmission Design
  • - Detailed Line-Item Quotes
  • - DIY or Pro Install, You Choose!

Property Management Convenience Stores Self Serve Car Wash
Dams & Power Plants Car Dealerships Schools & Churches
Manufacturing Facilities Office Buildings Storage Facilities
HOA Home Owners Assoc. Construction Sites Ranch & Farms

Our Designs Help You:

  • - Visualize coverage at each camera location
  • - Identify all blind spots
  • - Simplify the installation
  • - Ensure professional quality

The Tool We Use

We use our custom "Backstreet Surveillance - System Design Tool" that integrates with Google Maps. This application puts us on-site. It allows us to see the structure, terrain and areas you want to secure. With absolute confidence, we can recommend best camera placement and select the right camera for each location.

Custom System Designer

Line Item Quotes

Once the design is complete we provide a (no obligation) line-item quote for the system we have designed. Take your time with our proposal, all quotes are good for 30 days. We make sure you get it right the first time!

Custom System Designer

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