100ft Cat6 Network Cable

100' Network Cat6 Cable


Item #CAT6-100

100ft Network Surveillance Camera Cable - White

This pre-made 100 foot video Cat6 network cable makes installing a megapixel network camera a breeze. No cutting, stripping or hassling with fittings, just plug and play. It doesn't get any easier. Cable provides video and camera power transmission.

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For use with HD Megapixel Network Cameras

This 100ft network cable is made out of quality materials and meets all UL requirements for CAT6e data transmission. The cable houses four pair(s) of twisted two conductors (8 strands total).

Note: This cable is not outdoor rated. It should not be exposed to weather or UV rays.


This cable can be used with PoE cameras and transmitters. PoE stands for "Power over Ethernet". PoE combines power and data transmission into one cable - eliminating the need for additional, unnecessary power cable runs to security cameras. PoE does have some distance limitations based on the power draw of the cameras being used. As a guide you should not use PoE for cable distances past 300 feet.

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