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Item: CS-PTZ300

NDAA Certified 3K PTZ Camera, Long Range Lens, Motion Tracking

3k, Pan-Tilt-Zoom, Long Range 4.8-120mm Zoom Lens, 300ft Color Night Vision, Auto Motion Tracking, On-board SD Card Slot, PoE (Power over Ethernet), Cat5 or Cat6 Cable, Weather Rated IP67, 5 Year Warranty

3K Cyber Secure PTZ Camera with Motion Tracking, 300ft Night Vision & Audio

This speed dome is equipped with a 4.8-120mm optical motorized zoom lens and a high performance 3K imaging system, ideal for professional surveillance applications. This Outdoor PTZ Camera allows you to view distant images close-up with crisp detail. Employing an advanced pan/tilt mechanism, it provides fast, precise movement with continuous 360-degree pan and tilt. You can easily control the lens position with a mouse or smart phone to track the object you are monitoring. The 24 hour color video function makes this camera ideal for operating under diverse lighting conditions and produces quality color video up to 300 feet at night.

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Camera Features:

  • 3K Video Quality
  • Motorized Pan, Tilt, Zoom
  • Extreme Zoom 4.8-120mm
  • Motion Tracking
  • IP67 Weather Rated
  • On-Board SD Card Slot
  • PoE Power over Ethernet

24hr Color Video

Motion Tracking

This feature automatically tracks movement by controlling a PTZ camera. The system will automatically track any selected target type such as “cars” or “people”. When the target type is detected the camera pans, tilts and zooms keeping the target in perspective and focused whether the target is 10 or 300 feet away. When the target moves out of the cameras range or the preprogrammed track time expires, the camera returns to a park position and continues monitoring for the next target movement.

This feature coupled with the systems ability to discern between vehicles and people is extremely powerful. For example a camera could be watching a street and ignores vehicles as they pass by but if a vehicle stops and an individual steps out, the system would detect the individuals profile and start auto tracking the individuals movement.


NDAA Supplier Certified

Backdoors and hidden access portals are not a concern with the Cyber Secure Series. Our systems are confirmed at the component level to be free from hidden remote backdoors and weak security portals.

We independently test our systems for operational integrity and verify only you have access to your NDAA- Supplier Certified System.

This level of security makes the Cyber Secure Series the right choice for business, government and homeowners who require a truly secure system.

Secure Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing Anywhere

The communication path between your system and mobile devices is encrypted at the highest level by peer to peer technology. No more opening modem ports or assigning static IP addresses, both expose your system to cyber threats.

Coupled with our white list IP software you can Hard Lock access to your system, blocking all IP addresses but yours. Auto alerts detailing unauthorized access attempts can be sent right to your mobile device elevating your security level even higher. Bottom line, our Cyber Secure Series eliminates the real fear someone beside you is accessing and watching your cameras undetected.

Privacy Masking

Privacy Masking

Privacy masking is a feature which is used to protect personal privacy by concealing parts of the cameras image from view with a masked area.

Examples would be masking windows of residential properties or personal space areas. Each camera can support up to eight masked areas.

Power over Ethernet

PoE & Power Supply

Cyber Secure cameras are normally powered by directly connecting a Cat5 or Cat6 cable from the camera to a PoE port on a NVR or PoE unit (Power over Ethernet). The single cable provides both video transmission to the NVR or network while delivering power to the camera.

The majority of our video recorders provide camera PoE ports for directly connecting the camera to the video recorder. Most systems utilize both the NVR PoE ports and remote PoE units supporting four, eight or sixteen cameras each. This allows maximum flexibility in system design and planning future growth.

Weather Rating

Extreme Weather Rated

Cyber Secure cameras are constructed of a full metal housing and environmentally sealed meeting the Electrical Industry's IP67 waterproof rating. Wall or ceiling mounted the camera is ready for harsh environments. Operational temperatures -21 º to 140 º Fahrenheit.

Image Quality

This camera automatically adjusts for the best HD image possible. The WDR feature automatically adjusts for best back lighting and exposure while the DNR function eliminates digital noise, producing extremely high quality video day and night.

Image Quality

Our Quality Guaranty

We only offer professional equipment that has been quality tested and has a proven track record for reliability and performance. Each item is shipped in new condition and includes an easy to follow user guide written in clear English. Our goal is simple; quality you can count on and 100% customer satisfaction.

USA Based - Unlimited Technical Support

We are an American owned company and we provide USA based, Free, Unlimited, Life-time Technical Support for all the equipment we offer. Don’t hesitate; if you have a simple question or need help with remote viewing setup or trouble shooting…our professional, friendly technical staff is here and ready to help! Many times we can resolve an issue by remotely logging into the system and solving the issue in minutes. We’re here and ready to help!


Extended 5 Year Warranty

All equipment is covered under a complete 5 year warranty from the date of delivery. During this time all products are guaranteed against manufacturing and operational defects. In the event of such defects during this period, it is our responsibility to replace the defective item with an exact or comparable product.

5 Year Warranty

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