18 Camera Fused All-in-one Power Supply

Max 18 Cam Power Supply


Item #PWR18-MAX

All in One 18 Camera Fused Power Supply

This power supply can support up to 18 surveillance cameras. Each of the nine supply ports are fused to protect against power surges and the unit regulates the power supplied for consistent and reliable operation. Maximum power draw 18 amps.

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18 Camera Regulated Power Supply

Provide power for up to 18 12v security cameras with this all-in-one power supply. Includes 18 individually fused terminals for surge protection in a rugged metal enclosure. Plugs into any standard power outlet with a flexible 100v-240v range and is wall mountable.

  • - Input: 110v AC, wall plug
  • - Output: 12v DC, terminal connection
  • - Maximum draw: 18,000mA (18A)
  • - Maximum cameras: 18
  • - Protection: 18 Individually fused terminals
  • - Dimensions: 8”x10”x3.5”
  • - Weight: Metal enclosure 5lbs

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